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  2. I use these: 4-pin PWM Splitter and they do the job. I think I have 8 of those spread out over the house, even the M-ITX build has one. The Bloat/Spy/sh.tware is something that drives me crazy, and not only from Corsair but also all the other stuff. It either takes 2 weeks to load, or it crashes, can't save a profile to the hardware, uses my GPU while running (bad for [email protected]) and so on. €1400 for a 3080Ti is a good deal compared for what they usually go for here. (cheapest = €1699) The cheapest EVGA 3080Ti I could get from their store would be a little over €1300.
  3. Tx - mine aren't the RGB ML either, just the regular ones plugged into Commander FP /Sata / 10 hub with some Arctic P12s that work just fine on the signal - have been trying to avoid installing that iCue HAL spyware. Solution might be to buy more Arctic P12 value packs ! FYI, stopped by a local outlet of a national computer chain...surprisingly, they had 5 (!) 3080 Ti on the shelf which just got there, including a FTW3 for EURO 1,400...we made a bet as to whether they'll last beyond tomorrow evening (in person shopping for that product only)
  4. Today
  5. That's weird, I have red PWM ML140's which work perfectly fine on a basic PWM hub/splitter (1 fan signal in, 1 sata in, 10x pwm out). The RGB ML's have a separate PWM and RGB cable, I run those on the Commander Pro / RGB controllers. I hate iCue/Link, but after setting up a profile and saving it to the Commander I just uninstall the software
  6. ...how do you control the ML fans ? I've got 9x ML 120s in another, older MSI system ? All other types of pwm fans plugged into the fan controller work as directed, but the MLs always are on full tilt, even on the same pwm signal
  7. GanjaSMK


    EHW FTW! @Soulpatch super talented you are, indeed. I'm still pushing for side gig. I'll help where I can!
  8. yeah, it's so easy to move it around! Even outside the room, I can just move the system to the living room if I want and it only has one power plug to get it all up and running. And a small update, a coworker was working on some floors for an engine room so he cut a 100x40cm diamond plate for me. It saved me some trouble and I offered to help him with his slow laptop in return. I sandblasted a little test piece which looked pretty good, so I did the whole plate. It looks pretty good imo, just needs some support in the middle before I put weight on it.
  9. Soulpatch


    Thanks, so far I'm finding this forum much more in relation to what I'm looking for! I love to build, especially custom one-off's and there seems to be many on here to like to do similar.
  10. Welcome ! Glad to see @GanjaSMK is spreading the word. For some of the more important site features, check out our Site Guide & Features thread. I hope you enjoy your time here at EHW
  11. You could do a 360 on the top and keep the 240. By the looks of your build, you could easily punch a hole in the top of your case using a unibit. Install a pass through (bulkhead fitting) and route your fill port so that a 360 rad wouldn't interfere. Route it from the top of your res/pump, use a 90 to send it towards the back panel, then once it clears into that little compartment in the back...straight up to the bulkhead fitting. Throw a pressure release on the top of it and you are done. Here's an example of a fill port installed into my system. It'd actually be located just above your rad, but you could easily move it back further if need. Or if there's enough room (you can see where my rad is located), just run it straight up. Part of the reason I opted for this case instead of another I was considering is the real estate. The other side of building for so long is I've learned that something worth doing, is worth doing correctly. Don't know about you, but if I half @ss it, then every time it's looked at part of me is seriously erked lol Maybe it's the tech/engineer in me. Orrrrr, just keep it super simple and get a bottom mount for your pump/res combo and mount it towards the front a little more.
  12. I haven't followed through with rolling rhino, I switched to Arch, going back to my Arch phase lmao. Though I might throw FreeBSD on my newly acquired Thinkpad x260
  13. Banned cause' did pookie dookie finally accept his inner pookie dookie? or is he still refusing?
  14. That's some creative stuff guys! It gives me so many idea's, like a 130lb 3ft conrod headset stand or something like that? Sorry to hear about your TBI/eye/ear @Soulpatch I hope it doesn't bother you too much.
  15. That's a lot of cooling hardware! I've been working on the new system with 16 fans(RGB+PWM) on the front radiators alone, and that's not something I like to do. 42 is an even bigger pain in the ...
  16. Welcome to the forums!
  17. That's a sweet looking build! A few 5-packs left.... I've been running out of ML fans a few times now, so I have around 40 of those too at this moment..
  18. Hoping to get dual 360's in there with the rebuild, but unsure if that will work out or not without blocking the fill port on the res since I am not using a distro plate.
  19. The dual mobos on the front of Raven 'A' are cooled by a total of 42 Arctic P12 pwm pst rad fans (push-pull)...ever tried to wire up 42 fans ?
  20. Send me a message with what you have in mind. I may be able to help.
  21. Mine isn't the XL either. When the XL came out, they had the 011 on a huge discount, so opted for that one instead. It's a good case, but has some major design flaws. If you vent air out the back wall the MB is on, then you are recirculating heated air back into the system. That's why I cut the side cover and had the exhaust ports made. All ambient air is now dumped outside without any re-circulation due to the cover deflection. Air takes the path of least resistance and I noticed after running some flow calculations that most of the vented air was deflected and recirculated back behind the motherboard. Of course where the PSU and drives are banked. You may want to take a look at that yourself considering where the res/240 rad bank is. If you are pulling air into the case, you'll be drawing in most of the air from behind the motherboard. If your pushing air out, same problem with preheated air. Other than that, your layout looks like you have plenty of clean lines and room to run everything. Considering you are running dual 240's you've definitely got plenty of extra space. The XL would look really empty with your rig in it.
  22. If you go side hustle, I've got a couple small metal projects I could use some extra help with, my steel fab guy has been incredibly busy lately. I'd buy a headphones stand too, mine always gets knocked over. -_- Glad you joined us over here in this corner of the internet. Nice to have you here, always appreciate creative minds.
  23. Lookin' sharp! Some days I wonder if I should regret not getting the XL.
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