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  3. Yeah they are precious especially since Intel hasn't really changed a real lot over the years... the only thing making these boards age is the lack of cores in the desktop processors but as you pointed out there are Xeons that will go beyond 8 cores. My gaming PC still runs X79 and has a 8-core Xeon (1680v2) that is unlocked and was only sold in Mac PROs. The community has modified the BIOS to allow for NVME, Microcode updates and other support. I think Intel learned the lesson and that's why they didn't release a 10-core or higher unlocked CPU for X99 There is a 22 core for X99?
  4. I agree - at least I like the option of running multiple PCIe 16x cards such as network cards or even quad M.2 cards, never mind SLIx2/x3/x4. The older boards with the extra PCIe slots and PEX are precious to me and I keep them around, even after their primary use-days are over. Since my retro-builds w/ the Gigabyte Z170 Force (4x PCIE 3.0 16x via PEX) and the Asus X79-E WS (2 PEX chips), I still have an unused Asus X99-E WS (2 PEX) from a past workstation build per pic below...it currently doesn't have a CPU...the 5960X that used to be in there has now moved to another setup ....
  5. ...nah, just enjoying free-roaming & refreshments in a lounge here and there, people-watching and the street-life ambiance in RTX eye-candy glory
  6. Drool... Nice to see these. So many modern boards only have 2 or 3 PCI-e slots and the CPUs are pretty low on PCI-e lanes... of course this is essentially forced obscelescence to some degree. Despite SLI being "dead" (I am sure we will see a comeback at some point) there are needs like RAID cards, NICs, sound boards, capture cards etc. making the expandability extremely limited. I bet Zen 2/3 is loving the 8-channel memory.
  7. Yesterday
  8. ...this might '''fit''' on a modded TT Core P5, P7 or so...I already Dremel-modded my Core P5 to accept an extra-longish eATX (MSI X399 Creation) and there's still some room at the right side, and below...just send me the Asus WERX80 (please don't forget the 3995WX TR-Pro) and I'll prove it to you I'll provide a new Dremel and cutting wheels...
  9. Oh those new motherboards look delicious indeed . I noticed the Dual 10GB nics.. We are long overdue for 10GB onboard. Did you notice on the ASUS board that there are right-angle power pins facing down as well as the connector pins facing down? This motherboard is most definitely a SSI-SEB or at least in length because it has 7 PCI slots.. This would be a problem for many cases especially anything that might be rack mounted... I am surprised by this configuration and something I don't see on the others. #designflaw ?
  10. ...'good news' > here ...looks like TR Pros are getting out into the wild after all. Apparently, Lenovo had a time-limited exclusive in return for all the workstation app validation, but check out those other new WRX80 TR Pro mobos coming out...the Asus and perhaps the Gigabyte might also not disappoint re. bios options for, ahem, '''tuning''' ...what I find most interesting about the TR Pros is a.) 8 channel RAM and b.) huge range of RAM genre and up to 2 TB size...and the new boards also include U.2, 2x 10 GB Lan and other goodies such as a 'gazillion' PCIe 4, along with a s
  11. Thanks, great video. That thing is a beast! 128 threads.. 128 GEN4 lanes.. Foxconn fans on the memory. That's a whole new level of overkill that I haven't even explored lol. I didn't realize that the chip was also unlocked. I suspect it wouldn't overclock all that well anyway given that the cooler would have to be cryo or something to keep the heat under control but one can dream :). My only gripe (since I like to build my own) is that AMD is doing an "EPIC Games store" exclusive move where you cannot buy this CPU unless you buy it from IBM in a pre-built system.. which I cannot ap
  12. Yea but youtube actually hosts the videos. Google isn't hosting the news sites.
  13. Just an Auros Elite, nothing too wild. I probably won't be overclocking this for a while. Now I'm just waiting on stock alerts and my custom scripts to alert me for a 3080.
  14. If they release the 3080ti with 20Gb cheaper than a 3090, they can ALWAYS release a 3090 with 32Gb of Ram and call it the Titan32! Say a MSRP* price around $2199.00.... I'm sure there would be people who'd upgrade.
  15. The whole 3080 is a dumb SKU in my opinion. Why they decided to gimp what is a high end card with 10Gb VRAM is really beyond me...now they are going to fill the gap with a 3080Ti that is (from what we know) will be a 3090 with 20GB VRAM which undercuts the 3090, what ?. The SKU's that Nvidia are releasing are maddening.
  16. In order, the 2 screenshots show a simple web search for "national guard parking garage" performed on Google and on Bing. BOTH show quite a bit of detail in the results(enough so that you can get the gist of the issue without reading the story). Google had an add on the main search result page,Bing did not. (unless firefox browser blocked them unknowingly to me)ABP was off for the search both times and was performed in their own tabs. In a way,this is really not that different from the monetized videos on youtube.You click on 1 of them,youtube gets money and the poster gets money.You don'
  17. Exactly. Even I'm considering paying over the top for a GPU. I guess, 1500 for a flagship GPU would be the new normal, & I guess a $2000 flagship isn't too far away.
  18. Last week
  19. I am looking forward to the new 1.2 AGESA in Feb from AMD !
  20. I don't really understand their argument for why google should pay news sites. Facebook I can understand because it will show a good amount of the content without the user needing to open the link so it sort steals content in that sense, but I don't think that is true for google in the same respect. Also why google and not bing? I think google is a terrible company that abuses it's market power in highly inappropriate ways and has for a long time. I think they deserve really harsh punishments that are long overdue, but with all that said I still can't think of a reason why they own new
  21. Nice ! What mobo are you going to plug that into ? Alo keep an ey on new Agesa bios by mobo manufacturers, rumour has InFin at 2000 +
  22. Congrats on scoring a 5900x. Most Switches will support any speed up to what they are rated at. So most Consumer Switches over the last almost decade are Gigabit (1 gbps) switches, but support Ethernet (10 mbps) and Fast Ethernet (100 mbps) no flawlessly. Now we are starting to see multi-gig consumer switches that support 2.5 gbps and 5 gbps on top of those previous speeds all using copper. Copper Ethernet through your typical 8-pin RJ-45 port can reach 10 gbps in some cases, mostly in data center with short runs, but normally when you want 10 gbps o
  23. Source:https://www.kitguru.net/components/cooling/matthew-wilson/the-icegiant-prosiphon-elite-is-finally-available-starting-this-month/
  24. The issues is most people will pay the extra to get what they want. Thus far we have had two solid generations of large price increases for GPU's, at least on the high end. It is clear so far that while people will complain about the price increase, they won't vote with their wallet and will spend the extra anyway. I am one of them. Especially with NVIDIA. While AMD have improved their game with RDNA2, the AMD ecosystem is FAR behind that of Nvidia. So even though AMD offers a better price for performance ( RT not included ), I will still pay more for Nvidia generally speaking due
  25. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1366540/Dyson_Sphere_Program/ Similar to factorio except the game doesn't end when you build a rocket to get to space.
  26. Just scored a 5900x from Best Buy I thought switches supported any speed? Like forever? As long as it's ethernet? I always thought the limiting factors were cables, NICs, and Routers
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