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  1. Well, he talked me into it LOL Not really that much to be honest. Ya, I like to build a ton of stuff. I've been an automotive prototype mechanical engineer/master fabricator for 20+ years. Like to wrench, weld, machine and pretty much anything to see a creation come to life. UltraMega, yes, I have built custom mounts for surround sound systems. Currently a buddy of mine has one of my systems that are gothic (chain) designed mounting his speakers to the walls. GanjaSMK has been supporting some of the stands I'm currently working on, but got delayed since my son and I were exposed (tested positive) for covid. So haven't been able to do much lately. Here's some pieces that I've worked on in the past (and currently). I used to be a tattoo artist years ago and custom built machines as well. The coils are hand wrapped and each link of roller chain is welded to create a solid frame (liner/color set). The skeleton hand is just about complete. 2 more fingers, attach the forearm bones and the baseplate. Then it'll get clear coated and sold. Already working on a couple other designs as well. Middle finger (given lol), palm up, two finger outstretched to hold a headset, and maybe a fist design. Ordered a large wrench set as well to do some gear-head designs for buddies who I wrench with on our bikes. Anyway, appreciate the feedback, thanks for looking. Going to go surf around and see what reading pops up. Been building custom machines since my first tandy3200 (cold cathode, cut box and installed carved glass). Even designed a liquid cooling system after custom machining a brass cpu block and used an old motorcycle radiator/pump system lol Been building a LOOOOOONG time. Love to game as well, so let me know what you guys are playing. Had to get away from FPS style because of a TBI in the military during desert storm. The motion sets off my epilepsy, so unfortunately no COD or anything like that. Miss it, but found third person works just as well since it gives me something to focus on. Damage to the right eye/ear, plus some minor brain has messed with a few things over the years. Sucks, but watcha gonna do?
  2. Hello! I was valvehead on OCN. Also folded for team 37726 for over 10 years. It looks like that team (as well as the forum) is essentially dead, so here I am!
  3. Time for a fresh start. I just moved over here from OCN (former username valvehead). I held out for a while, but it was time to move on. I'm starting over with a new name and passkey. Probably won't be pumping out massive amounts of units, but I'll do what I can.
  4. Got this yesterday from a bud down south. Love the style and it's perfect. Going on the road with me! Not sure if he's on the forum but if not I'll see if I can get him over here. HE SAW, HE CAME, HE'S HERE!
  5. Soulpatch


    Member at OCN, but a buddy (GanjaSMK) talked me into coming over here. So thought I'd check it out. Have been building custom pc's since my first case mod (tandy3200). Cut and added a lexite window, cold cathode lighting and I custom built a liquid cooling system out of a block of machined brass and a motorcycle radiator. So this isn't my first go around lol Lately I've been building some custom headset stands for random things to do. I'm a mechanical engineer/master fabricator by trade and have been working in the prototype power train (automotive) for 20+ years. So I like to keep busy. Gaming is definitely part of that lol
  6. Huzzah, the September results were saved correctly! http://teamcomp.axihub.ca/results.html
  7. Starting a build log here for the evolution of my sig rig Ocean Blue. The NZXT H210i, though a nice case, does not provide adequite radiator space for my build, thus resulting in ~70C ish CPU load temps while gaming or running multiple VMs So far its been parts collection to move into the new case, and yes i know O11 dynamic in itself is becoming a meme case, but i couldnt resist a dynamic mini snow edition. The List (all vendors in brackets for where parts are on order from): Case : O11 Dynamic Mini Snow Edition Watercooling: CPU Block : Alphacool Eiseblock Aurora XTX AM4 GPU Block : Heatkiller IV Nickel Plexi (Dazmode) Radiators : Alphacool Nexxos ST30 White Special Edition 280mm and 360mm (Arrived) Reservoir : Heatkiller Tube 150 With Blue Accent Struts and DDC Pump Base Pump : Liang DDC 35X PWM Various Fittings: 16mm Hardline Bitspower White (PPCs) Primochill Loop Prep Kit (PPCs) Primochill Vue Sky Blue SX(PPCs) Fans : 7x Corsair LL120 RGB White, 4x Corsair SP140 RGB white (Avacado for LL120s, Amazon For SP140s) Light Blue Sleeved Cables (Owned) Components: AMD R9 5950X ASUS Rog Strix B550-I Gaming ITX Kingston FuryX 64GB 3600MHZ RX 5700XT Reference Sabrent Rocket NVMe 500GB (Windows) Sabrent Rocket 2TB (VMs/Schoolwork) Crucial MX500 2TB (Games) Crucial MX300 1TB (Software) Corsair SF750 Platinum Power Supply 2x Corsair Commander Pro ( 1 Owned, 1 from Avacado ) 1x Lighting Node Pro 1x Corsair RGB Strip Kit (Arrived) BUILDERS NOTE: This may take a week or two for everything to arrive, so it will most likely be a rather slow build
  8. First water cooled rig since a custom Tandy3200 years ago (been custom building a VERY long time). But here's my current liquid build. Appreciate the comments/feedback. Not much in the way of serious design/fabrication, but as I said, just getting back into liquids. Thinking about the new 3m non conductive build, but it's still a bit too pricey at the moment.
  9. Hey all. As promised, the LARS automation work is basically done and will be turned on for November. Here's the output of the multiplier changes if I was to run it right now on the existing hardware, for reference. @BWG wildfly_dev | Best PPD is '6,643,151' wildfly_dev | 212 from LARS, 15 in DB, 15 to update wildfly_dev | Updated hardware 'Navi 10 [Radeon RX 5600 OEM/5600 XT/5700/5700 XT]' (ID: 46), multiplier: 5.07 -> 4.7, average PPD: 1301320 -> 1413961 wildfly_dev | Updated hardware 'TU104 [GeForce RTX 2080 Super]' (ID: 55), multiplier: 2.48 -> 2.6, average PPD: 2693818 -> 2552709 wildfly_dev | Updated hardware 'GP107GL [Quadro P620]' (ID: 40), multiplier: 48.13 -> 49.5, average PPD: 138084 -> 134216 wildfly_dev | Updated hardware 'GM204 [GeForce GTX 980] 4612' (ID: 24), multiplier: 8.76 -> 7.86, average PPD: 771118 -> 845108 wildfly_dev | Updated hardware 'GM107 [GeForce GTX 750] 1111' (ID: 41), multiplier: 97.13 -> 96.45, average PPD: 68879 -> 68879 wildfly_dev | Updated hardware 'Vega 20 [Radeon VII]' (ID: 56), multiplier: 3.33 -> 3.31, average PPD: 2008233 -> 2008233 wildfly_dev | Updated hardware 'GM206 [GeForce GTX 960] 2308' (ID: 57), multiplier: 21.3 -> 20.64, average PPD: 314056 -> 321821 wildfly_dev | Updated hardware 'GK104 [Quadro K5000]' (ID: 45), multiplier: 61.27 -> 60.84, average PPD: 109196 -> 109196 wildfly_dev | Updated hardware 'TU102 [GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Rev. A] M 13448' (ID: 48), multiplier: 1.32 -> 1.5, average PPD: 4960313 -> 4430496 wildfly_dev | Updated hardware 'TU106 [GeForce RTX 2070 Rev. A] M 7465' (ID: 50), multiplier: 2.71 -> 2.7, average PPD: 2448739 -> 2463563 wildfly_dev | Updated hardware 'GM204 [GeForce GTX 970] 3494' (ID: 21), multiplier: 12.97 -> 13.44, average PPD: 511994 -> 494421 wildfly_dev | Updated hardware 'Ellesmere XT [Radeon RX 470/480/570/580/590]' (ID: 42), multiplier: 12.91 -> 13.49, average PPD: 519263 -> 492376 wildfly_dev | Updated hardware 'GP104 [GeForce GTX 1070 Ti] 8186' (ID: 51), multiplier: 4.78 -> 4.74, average PPD: 1399391 -> 1400077 wildfly_dev | Updated hardware 'GM107GL [GRID M40]' (ID: 54), multiplier: 14.51 -> 57.64, average PPD: 115244 -> 115244 wildfly_dev | Updated hardware 'raven [Radeon RX Vega gfx902]' (ID: 53), multiplier: 153.94 -> 115.05, average PPD: 44057 -> 57743
  10. Well, I think it's time to post another little update about our folding team. This is the first time I have seen a list of 20 active folders on a non-event day, and we're surging through the folding rankings pretty quickly. Every little bit people do makes a difference, but we certainty have a few folders who are racing each other pretty hard at the top which are @firedflyand @Bastiaan_NLwho do deserve some recognition for their continuous efforts and dedication to our folding team and the [email protected] project. The weather has cooled down in most places, so the folding is increasing. ETF is running full stride with a few looming issues continually being worked on, and our FATS are top 10 daily production now in the world. Our team is gaining momentum, and I think we have a real good shot at cracking the top 100 total points teams relatively quickly. So, thank you everyone! We're currently sitting at 26th in the world for our 24 hour average as well, so the mower will keep on mowing!
  11. New pump top for the home server.
  12. My Computer was originally built in 2013 with a Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 AMD. The only thing I ever upgraded was the GPU and case fans.. Originally spent about 4,500. Sorry my camera is bad on my phone! I run most games a 60FPS only game I have an issue with is RDR2 even at medium/High settings I only get 45FPS.
  13. Intel's oneAPI was released in Sept 2020. Over the past year, they've been adding support for their upcoming GPU into the Linux kernel and Intel ray tracing support for Vulkan.
  14. We NEED a third real contender to knock Nvidia down a few pegs frankly. Plus continued innovation and price control is also a plus.
  15. yeah, it's so easy to move it around! Even outside the room, I can just move the system to the living room if I want and it only has one power plug to get it all up and running. And a small update, a coworker was working on some floors for an engine room so he cut a 100x40cm diamond plate for me. It saved me some trouble and I offered to help him with his slow laptop in return. I sandblasted a little test piece which looked pretty good, so I did the whole plate. It looks pretty good imo, just needs some support in the middle before I put weight on it. [edit] Daylight picture, still bad quality. (I need a better camera..)
  16. I was just thinking "Yeah,smart move to tell them aprox how many Tbps you can absorb in an attack so they know how much they gotta up their game..."
  17. Heads up to anyone folding on AMD GPUs and running beta tasks. There are some very low ppd WUs that started going out yesterday. -Edit- The same tasks are also on the low end for NVIDIA, but just lower than average, not the -50% ppd that I was seeing on my Radeon VII.
  18. lol, y'all posting epic pics of your flights, and I'm over here like this....
  19. So this is roughly where you can get while still not failing WU's. I am very pleased. GL Greg, let me know if you need help.
  20. It's all over the 'net now. Wouldn't be surprised if it somehow ties into to that whistleblower who came out of the closet the other day. As per the subject title (I ran the whois for facebook.com a few moments ago and verified the nuked dn records):
  21. Hey all, just an update on some of the LARS automation work. I've got most of the bits running locally now, and I think it should be ready to go live by the end of the week. The plan is to run it once a month, so after the stats are reset, and in the two days downtime before the stats start up again. However, it does seem that there is some fluctuation with the PPD values which can look suspicious/out of sync. @BWG has already manually updated the multipliers for October, and me checking 8 hours later has shown some small differences. To prevent any concerns, I'm going to update the list of hardware (available here) to include the average PPD and multiplier. The plan is to update all hardware values at once, so going forward you can consider the values here to be a snapshot of the PPDs for the upcoming month. It would be far too much effort to update more frequently than monthly, so I hope this is a fair compromise. There are some PPD values up on that page now, but since we don't have the #1 hardware, there is nothing to compare it to. It will be there next month and you'll be able to compare yourselves if necessary. I'll update here again once I have something running/tested locally, but you won't see any updated multipliers/PPD on the live stats site until November.
  22. I was thinking about this yesterday and I think I came up with a good metaphor for Bitcoin mining. Imagine if someone was paying people to drive on the freeway. Doesn't matter where they went, they just had to get on the freeway and drive for a while and they would be paid. It wouldn't really make sense why driving around was suddenly profitable, and it would cause more traffic, more pollution from cars. People would start to wonder if there should be a law against driving around for no reason other than getting paid for it.
  23. So.......after much delay I was finally able to put together my plexi duct for ducting the hot air straight out of the window board I made with vents. It is crude and done with a glue gun... function over form lol. Once I have moved forward with my new job, I can get it all setup and running.
  24. It's about that time of the year to turn on your folding client and supplement your heat. I'm going to do another test run sometime this week in hope to break 100 million ppd as soon as some wiring shows up.
  25. Cpu: Amd fx8300 Motherboard: msi 970 gaming Ram: GSkill ddr3 2x8gb Gpu: RX580 (etf) and quadro k420 (plex transcoding) Psu: evga 750bq Ssd: transcend 1tb sata3 (boot), amd r3 480gb (temp transcode) Hdd: 2x Seagate 4tb terrascale and 1x MaxDigitalData 4tb in raid5 Case: rosewil rsv-4000 4u O.S.: windows 10 Runs 24/7/365 for plex (some nas) and [email protected] on the rx580.
  26. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger predicts the chip shortage will last until 2023 WWW.TECHSPOT.COM Speaking ahead of Intel’s Q3 earnings, Gelsinger told CNBC: “We’re in the worst of it now , every quarter next... First time I've heard 2023, seems entirely plausible though.
  27. I am pleased to announce that the Ignore Forum & Ignore Topic feature is released Please see instructional video (Also in Site Guide)
  28. All I can say is that for long-term success, the wisest thing to do is to keep your eye on the big picture and not worry about what happens in time periods of less than a year. When I first started, my motivation was being disgruntled with my salary and my strategy was to catch a few waves, but I realized it's easier and more predictable to buy shares of something you believe in (with an appropriate amount of research and analysis) and leave it alone. I panicked or got impatient way too much in my first couple of years of investing and it cost me because I was measuring success over weeks instead of thinking about what the money that I don't need anytime soon will look like in 10+ years. I got needlessly impatient with both AMD and NFLX this way and sold both for a small loss, which is honestly a pretty damn difficult dubious achievement. These days, I still look at my portfolio daily, but I don't worry anymore if the market drops 5-10% over a couple of days like it did last month. I want to say that every attempt I've made at a swing trade has failed. The only time I recall having marginal success with short-term trading was more of a trend trade without the fundamentals. I bet on my own company at the time following publicly announced news of a merger that would close in the coming months at a target price that wasn't reached yet. Even then, that was a painful ride because both halves of that merger were clown car operations and I sold well before our merger date because the price action was typically a long and slow downward trajectory followed by quick spikes that lasted no more than a couple of days before slowly trending down again. All that drama for a measly gain of $935. Now that I have a much better and higher paying job, instead of rolling the dice on meme stocks, my only goal for my portfolio is to outperform the market, especially Nasdaq, which it's done every year since I started a few years ago. Other than exceed the rate at which I typically dollar cost average into my Roth IRA by this point in the calendar year and buy some SHOP during the recent dip, I dumped the expected end-of-term interest savings from what would be my second 2021 mortgage refinance into GOOGL. I've now officially directly owned all of FAANG+M at some point and still own all except FB and NFLX. Then, even though I haven't been thrilled about the recent uptick in mortgage interest rates, I decided to proceed with the second refinance anyway for a double double-dip. I don't usually directly associate my allocations with certain life events since it's all really just one big fungible pile of assets, but in this case, I did in order to directly see what my end-of-term interest savings turns into years down the road.
  29. https://www.msn.com/en-US/news/other/microsoft-says-it-mitigated-the-largest-ddos-attack-ever-recorded/ar-AAPpIWb?ocid=BingNewsSearch&PC=EMMX01 Im sure some hacking groups will see this as a challenge.
  30. You could try zeemeeuw, doesn't have the same ring to it either though bant
  31. I don't actually condone DDoS attacks, but you know that's what these "hackers" are thinking.
  32. That's a sweet looking build! A few 5-packs left.... I've been running out of ML fans a few times now, so I have around 40 of those too at this moment..
  33. @Bastiaan_NL , @BWG ...remember my Arctic P12 pwm pst value pack addiction problem ? Well, after mounting 42 of these, I only have a few 5-packs left for a dual mobo build project
  34. You can preload the Battlefield 2042 open beta now WWW.ROCKPAPERSHOTGUN.COM With Battlefield 2042's open beta starting on Friday, you can now preload the client to be read for multiplayer mayhem as soon as it starts. Mostly figured this thread would be a good thread to post some videos now that gameplay is coming out.
  35. Indeed ! A huge thanks to all those participating in our [email protected] efforts. It is great to see the team growth and momentum towards the top teams globally. Really looking forward to the future of the team and seeing how much hurt we can bring haha. Good job guys!
  36. QUAKE 4 (it's the boomer in me). It's actually the first game I installed on the newest build, the KPE 3090/5950X combo. Next up: not sure, but I've got enough to keep me busy for the foreseeable future.
  37. If you just want to do it with a single fitting, you'll want to get a dual-rotary 90. Bitspower, barrow, alphacool, and a bunch of other fitting manufacturers make a varity of dual-rotary 90s. Here's an alphacool dual-rotary 90: https://www.performance-pcs.com/water-cooling/fittings-connectors/alphacool-eiszapfen-angled-adaptor-90-rotatable-g1-4-outer-thread-to-g1-4-inner-thread-deep-black-ac-17260.html
  38. Wouldn't be surprised if Mark was somehow behind the outage given what else is in the news Wouldn't bother me though if the change was permanent (...and suddenly millions of retired boomers are having to speak to their spouses for the first time in years)
  39. I wholeheartedly believe we'll have a Made In USA renaissance over the next decade, if not two or three. People are waking up to realize that cheap stuff that doesn't last isn't good for much other than waste, in the end. With all there is to efficiency and robust systems to keep the world running, you'd think we'd be more inclined to limitations and efficiency than we are - but we do the opposite and waste so much. We all pretty much take for granted the resources we use (at macro and micro levels).
  40. 4 billion points.... And 6 billion total:
  41. Mining is just mathematical computations. A task is being accomplished with coins being awarded as payment for the use of computational power. [email protected] and boinc projects act the same way, but only points for "bragging rights" are issued as a reward. If the reason for outlawing it is because of energy usage then fo[email protected] and other distributed computing projects should also be banned. If we are going to pick and choose what "math" is acceptable for someone to run on their own system, than yes it would be the end of free society.
  42. We need a constitutional amendment to free the slaves of these mines. FREEDOM to all GPUs of ALL BRANDS, a chicken in every pot, and a graphics card in every rig! DAMRIC2024.
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