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  1. I wonder how long I have to wait for the train to pass me. In case you didn't follow last month, I was way ahead of everyone, and then @firedflyturned on like 5 bazillion 3090's and zoomed by my within the last 2 updates in the event. I'm putting the 3090 and 3080ti in today when they arrive. I saw a combination of work units giving me 77,000,000 PPD at one point yesterday. If I OC, and with those 2 new GPUS, 100,000,000 PPD could be within reach! No matter how much, or how long you fold, I'm just glad we can all continue the excitement somewhere that the owners care. I don't think I could have renewed my interest without this place, and I want to thank you again @ENTERPRISEfor taking the initiative to get this place setup. Ok, I will stop kissing booty now.
  2. Not much to say. Software dev; tinkerer by nature so love experimenting. Lurked for a very short time before I realized this forum seems excellent, with a severe lack of ego.
  3. 100M PPD is awesome. I'll have a bit of a late start, but I should be able to get a few more GPUs fired up tonight.
  4. Great work! Recently my nerdtink side has had it's focus on the Tesla cards. This project is great. Thanks for sharing. (Semi-necro from May, but such an interesting project!) Think I might have found the forum I've been looking for since I moved to the USA (from the UK) 9 years ago. It seems people actually give a darn about sharing and discussing the technical aspects rather than bitching at each other about who has the biggest epeen Definitely need to pick one up to have a play with.
  5. I know you were talking to @BWG when you said this...but, I've passed you today!
  6. Whether it's glue or epoxy, I never seem to have luck with liquid adhesives, and cheap super glues are among the worst of them all in terms of durability. However, a product like this might work. Industrieklebstoff, Industriekleber PASCO PASCOFIX.DE Der PASCOFIX Industrieklebstoff wurde ausschließlich für unsere Firma gemäß unserem Auftrag entwickelt und ist in seiner Art und Qualität... I've used it on a bracket that holds the computer on my washing machine to the front trim panel and it's been holding up fine so far after a few months of minimum twice-weekly use. I applied some excess glue and filler and then sanded it down flat, so the bond is a bit stronger than what you would normally be able to achieve with the cheaper stuff.
  7. Started new build today to put my fx8300 a long overdue break (or a least lower powered life) Just need motherboard and ram next.
  8. Thanks for the kind words and welcome here! Sadly this project is a bit on a sidetrack because of time and the fact that it doesn't play nice with other cards. I'll pick it up sooner or later... And I see the images are broken here, I'll add it to my to-do list. [fixed]
  9. Oh, that's a shame. I'm so very fond of you, and I'd never say anything negative about you, ever. Tea and crumpets 4 life! You don't by chance fold @ home? (not laundry) Welcome to the site!
  10. All the info has been submitted. If you do not receive anything by Wednesday next week, please send me a PM and I will speak with the vendor
  11. I'm sure the person behind the chat is just some low wage call center worker who has no information about why miners are getting cards so successfully. I don't think interrogating them about it is going to help anything. I suspect miners are getting cards hand over foot through somewhat unscrupulous means a lot of the time. The cash of a gamer spends just as well as the cash from a miner so don't see why AMD would give preferential treatment to anyone and infact having checked their site quite a few times over the months I've seen them implement new steps to try to stop bots from buying cards. How well it has worked is debatable, but I see no wrong doing from AMD here. Last time I checked amd.com a week or two ago I saw the chat and I asked them if they knew when the next best time to check back would be and they said Thursday mornings 7AM pacific time and I thought it was cool that they're willing to share that instead of just telling people to "check back soon" or something.
  12. Glad you noticed, I feel the same way. I tend to talk the most trash on the site and lose my crap every so often. It's all with love, except @BWG, I can't stand him I have never seen anyone belittled or hazed when asking a real question and all of the guys here are willing to help. The majority of us have been doing this over 20 years.
  13. Welcome to the forum! Pretty decent group of people here, you're right. There's some people that show off their epeen every once in a while. But its excusable because we just really like hardware around here, and at least here.....people usually don't do it in a demeaning way. I felt perfectly fine and at home here with a 3770k and RX580, same as I feel now with my measly 3600 and 5700XT. And yes, please do share what you can about what you like about software. It's one area I never got into, and would love to learn more about. Made a few self extracting executables out of rar's a few years back, that was about the extent of my "software dev".
  14. Yeah I'll be on the road here pending a few things. If I can get service I'd be stoked. I recently saw a blog thing about this guy in AUS who has mobile setup via 4G (four) and 5G (one) modems on his van but is excited to get Starlink to replace at least 3 or 4 of them... I'm still trying to find a travel trailer so I don't have to sleep in the back of my SUV lol.... I mean I'm not opposed, have done it plenty. But it'd be nice to have a small trailer with lights/water/toilet... I just don't wanna buy new...
  15. Thanks @ENTERPRISE and Corsair for the prize. Quick mini review. I'm looking for a new set of caps for this, and then it will probably go full time on my KVM. The function keys and the RGB is in hardware, so I have had no issues testing it plugged in to my KVM and using it with my Linux machines. There is an open source alternative to Corsair's iCUE software (ckb-next), but it doesn't look like I'll need to run it. There are a fair number of default RGB profiles, and since RGB will pretty much always be off, the defaults are fine for me. All of my boards have been browns for a long time, so it is a little weird typing on linear switches. All in all it is a nice little board and feels solid to type on. Thanks again for the prize
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