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  1. Starting a build log here for the evolution of my sig rig Ocean Blue. The NZXT H210i, though a nice case, does not provide adequite radiator space for my build, thus resulting in ~70C ish CPU load temps while gaming or running multiple VMs So far its been parts collection to move into the new case, and yes i know O11 dynamic in itself is becoming a meme case, but i couldnt resist a dynamic mini snow edition. The List (all vendors in brackets for where parts are on order from): Case : O11 Dynamic Mini Snow Edition Watercooling: CPU Block : Alphacool Eiseblock Aurora XTX AM4 GPU Block : Heatkiller IV Nickel Plexi (Dazmode) Radiators : Alphacool Nexxos ST30 White Special Edition 280mm and 360mm (Arrived) Reservoir : Heatkiller Tube 150 With Blue Accent Struts and DDC Pump Base Pump : Liang DDC 35X PWM Various Fittings: 16mm Hardline Bitspower White (PPCs) Primochill Loop Prep Kit (PPCs) Primochill Vue Sky Blue SX(PPCs) Fans : 7x Corsair LL120 RGB White, 4x Corsair SP140 RGB white (Avacado for LL120s, Amazon For SP140s) Light Blue Sleeved Cables (Owned) Components: AMD R9 5950X ASUS Rog Strix B550-I Gaming ITX Kingston FuryX 64GB 3600MHZ RX 5700XT Reference Sabrent Rocket NVMe 500GB (Windows) Sabrent Rocket 2TB (VMs/Schoolwork) Crucial MX500 2TB (Games) Crucial MX300 1TB (Software) Corsair SF750 Platinum Power Supply 2x Corsair Commander Pro ( 1 Owned, 1 from Avacado ) 1x Lighting Node Pro 1x Corsair RGB Strip Kit (Arrived) BUILDERS NOTE: This may take a week or two for everything to arrive, so it will most likely be a rather slow build
  2. My Computer was originally built in 2013 with a Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 AMD. The only thing I ever upgraded was the GPU and case fans.. Originally spent about 4,500. Sorry my camera is bad on my phone! I run most games a 60FPS only game I have an issue with is RDR2 even at medium/High settings I only get 45FPS.
  3. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger predicts the chip shortage will last until 2023 WWW.TECHSPOT.COM Speaking ahead of Intel’s Q3 earnings, Gelsinger told CNBC: “We’re in the worst of it now , every quarter next... First time I've heard 2023, seems entirely plausible though.
  4. This one is for you @The Pook *Caution* Seizure warning.
  5. Took a road trip to Muskoka and managed to get a few nice shots of my car (remembered to remove the front plate this time):
  6. Took a road trip to Muskoka and managed to get a few nice shots of my car (remembered to remove the front plate this time):
  7. Planet found orbiting 3 stars at once, with giant dust rings - Big Think BIGTHINK.COM Move over, Tattooine, and instead feast your eyes on GW Orionis, where the largest dust rings ever seen settle an ancient exoplanet debate. ALMA, in which ESO is a partner, and the SPHERE instrument on ESO's Very Large Telescope have imaged GW Orionis, a triple star system with a peculiar inner region. The new observations revealed that this object has a warped planet-forming disc with a misaligned ring. In particular, the SPHERE image (right panel) allowed astronomers to see, for the first time, the shadow that this ring casts on the rest of the disc. This helped them figure out the 3D shape of the ring and the overall disc. The left panel shows an artistic impression of the inner region of the disc, including the ring, which is based on the 3D shape reconstructed by the team. Credit: ESO/L. Calçada, Exeter/Kraus et al. The video is obviously a 3D render but based on extremely accurate data which is why it looks so real. The further out image is real, the rest are data driven renders. Long story short, this is the first time a trinary star system with a planet orbiting around it has ever been seen. It's just lucky that it's also one we can get really cool pictures of. The existence of the planet is somewhat controversial because it has to exist but cannot be found. Normally when a star forms it will end up with an accretion disk of material orbiting it, and that is essentially the same here but because the accretion disk is orbiting a trinary star system instead of just one star, it ends up with this huge tilted wave that makes it look like something out of a sifi movie. As I understand it the planet has not been found but it has to exist based on the orbits. Presumably they can detect the effects of it's gravity.
  8. throwing up a little teaser: Ironically EK wants more for thier block than heatkiller does.
  9. Let's see....you were replying to @pioneerisloud. He's on my ETF team. water cooling == moar PoINTS. Yes. @pioneerisloud should water cool! Having said that, I'm not water cooling either.
  10. I am pleased to announce that the Ignore Forum & Ignore Topic feature is released Please see instructional video (Also in Site Guide)
  11. Yah there isn't much else let to upgrade unless is has a pci slot..lol.. since next year a bunch of new tech is coming out, I'm going to build V2 of this computer with the crosshair 8 extreme or whatever is equivalent late next year. with ddr5, next gen nvidia, new AMD cpu and mb chipset.. it'll be night and day with this computer to the next..lol
  12. This is a really good video on the future of TSMC and global chip fabrication in general. There is also an article about it here: A first look at TSMC's giant 5-nanometer chip fab being built outside Phoenix WWW.CNBC.COM Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company makes 24% of all the world's chips, and 92% of the most advanced ones found in today's iPhones, fighter jets and supercomputers. Now TSMC is building...
  13. I'll edit this and make it look a little better later...... Let's start a list of co-op PC games. Please let me know if its online, LAN, local, or dial up and any possible limitations or notes / mods that might be relevant. I'll organize it all into a list here, and maybe we can organize some co-op gaming between EXHW members sometime later on if there was enough interest. Looking to make more of an archival type list, but also consider this as game recommendations too. I, believe it or not, haven't played very many games all the way through. Co-op with a friend seems to help me get through painstakingly long drawn out campaign stories that don't hold my interest till the action really starts. Can be anything that's campaign style co-op with 2+ people. Any year so long as it can still be played. Below is what I've found (and played) so far all the way through at least recently enough to remember. Really looking forward to finding more mods that make classic single player campaigns co-op, but anything good co-op is appreciated. Online Campaign Co-op: Left For Dead 1 / 2 Portal 2 Half Life 1 and 2 (Sven Co-Op) Doom 1 and 2 (Doomseeker) Halo series (MasterChief Collection / playing right now for the 1st time ever) GTA V (maybe? / haven't really given a good chance) Quake (2021 Steam Quake update) Far Cry 6 (*that is unlocked only after playing 40mins of the game) Wildlands Trailmakers (Gamepass) Raft Overcooked 1 / 2 Factorio Satisfactory Stardew Valley WWZ : aftermath (online co-op for both story and horde/challenge mode. up to 4 players in a group) State Of Decay 2 (up to 4 people in one game online co-op open world) The Borderlands Series (4 player co-op?) Gears of War (most are 2+ player co-op) MudRunner / SnowRunner (up to 4 player) Sniper Elite Series (2 player co-op) Division 2 (4 player co-op) Don't Starve Together (local and online) Local Split Screen (and online) Co-op: Most LEGO games (not online) Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed (not QUITE campaign but fun) Emulation (RetroArch Playtest / input lag kills this one though) Broforce (local and online) Magicka (local and online) Sonic Mania (local or Steam Remote Play) Streets of Rage Remake (local only) Streets of Rage 4 (local and matchmaking / Steam remoteplay) Trine (local for the whole series) (Steam Remote Play) Trine 2-4 (local, Stream remote play, online) Overcooked 1 / 2 (pretty sure both can go online or local) Don't Starve Together (local and online) LAN Only Campaign Co-Op: (VPN setup should be usable) Dial up Campaign Co-Op: (setup private dial up network somehow / would need to research) WarCraft II (Or has this been updated to online? / have not played recently but wanted on list)
  14. It's only a good deal if you play enough to justify paying a monthly fee. My guess is eventually once Microsoft gobbles up enough studios, they all become Windows Store exclusives using UWP. Microsoft's wet dream is to have a walled garden like Apple's.
  15. Wildlands is probably the best coop experience I've had in a game in any recent years. You can play coop from the very beginning, you don't have to wait for a tutorial to end and either player can go anywhere on the map at anytime. Not like in far cry where you have to stick together. If you like tactical shooters Wildlands is great. It's a lot like far cry games but I'd say better. On game pass; Trailmakers is cool. It has an interesting coop mode where you have to collect different parts to build your vehicle with, which then allows you to get more parts. A unique game for sure. Raft is a great coop game. Build a raft out of junk and try to survive/expand/explore. Overcooked 1 and 2 are both fun coop games. Lovers in a dangerous spacetime is a little older, but really fun. Factorio and Satisfactory are both great coop factory building games. Stardew valley is great for a relaxing coop game. On game pass; grounded is a cool one. Still early access so it ends quick but still fun/unique. These are just what come to mind as recent-ish games I've played. There are a lot of coop game on game pass I haven't tried. I've been playing far cry 6 coop lately and it's ok, not great. The coop is limited. The second player has to stay close to the first and can't unlock items in all the same ways as the first player. If you haven't played Wildlands and your thinking about trying far cry 6 for the coop, play wildlands instead for sure.
  16. All I can say is that for long-term success, the wisest thing to do is to keep your eye on the big picture and not worry about what happens in time periods of less than a year. When I first started, my motivation was being disgruntled with my salary and my strategy was to catch a few waves, but I realized it's easier and more predictable to buy shares of something you believe in (with an appropriate amount of research and analysis) and leave it alone. I panicked or got impatient way too much in my first couple of years of investing and it cost me because I was measuring success over weeks instead of thinking about what the money that I don't need anytime soon will look like in 10+ years. I got needlessly impatient with both AMD and NFLX this way and sold both for a small loss, which is honestly a pretty damn difficult dubious achievement. These days, I still look at my portfolio daily, but I don't worry anymore if the market drops 5-10% over a couple of days like it did last month. I want to say that every attempt I've made at a swing trade has failed. The only time I recall having marginal success with short-term trading was more of a trend trade without the fundamentals. I bet on my own company at the time following publicly announced news of a merger that would close in the coming months at a target price that wasn't reached yet. Even then, that was a painful ride because both halves of that merger were clown car operations and I sold well before our merger date because the price action was typically a long and slow downward trajectory followed by quick spikes that lasted no more than a couple of days before slowly trending down again. All that drama for a measly gain of $935. Now that I have a much better and higher paying job, instead of rolling the dice on meme stocks, my only goal for my portfolio is to outperform the market, especially Nasdaq, which it's done every year since I started a few years ago. Other than exceed the rate at which I typically dollar cost average into my Roth IRA by this point in the calendar year and buy some SHOP during the recent dip, I dumped the expected end-of-term interest savings from what would be my second 2021 mortgage refinance into GOOGL. I've now officially directly owned all of FAANG+M at some point and still own all except FB and NFLX. Then, even though I haven't been thrilled about the recent uptick in mortgage interest rates, I decided to proceed with the second refinance anyway for a double double-dip. I don't usually directly associate my allocations with certain life events since it's all really just one big fungible pile of assets, but in this case, I did in order to directly see what my end-of-term interest savings turns into years down the road.
  17. Intel's oneAPI was released in Sept 2020. Over the past year, they've been adding support for their upcoming GPU into the Linux kernel and Intel ray tracing support for Vulkan.
  18. We NEED a third real contender to knock Nvidia down a few pegs frankly. Plus continued innovation and price control is also a plus.
  19. I don't actually condone DDoS attacks, but you know that's what these "hackers" are thinking.
  20. So the bottom 4u system is my NAS, currently with a 64TB "Storage Space" array, need to add 5 more drives to it soon though. Next up 4u chassis is for VM's, various purposes. Testing, serving purposes, etc, etc. 1u system above that is my OPNSense router (not built yet, currently in a beige box). Shelf with KVM switch, modem, and UPS's for the rack. Next shelf is SUPPOSED to be for a home theater receiver (eventually planned). Shelf above that, just peeking above the top is my wifi AP's. OS: Various, but mostly Win10 LTSC Case: PLink 4u chassis' CPU: Xeons (dual 6 core Haswells in NAS / dual 16 core + HT in the VM) Motherboard: Supermicro LGA 2011 dual socket boards Memory: Currently 8GB in the NAS / 88GB in the VM, but intend on expanding soon PSU: Coolermaster 750w units OS SSD (it SHOULD be an SSD lmao): 120GB Crucial BX500's Storage Mediums(s): WD 14TB x5 / Toshiba 3TB x2 / 2TB NVME Server Manufacturer (Ex: Dell, HP, You?): Self made some pix would be nice lawl (Of course they would be) Whole system assembled NAS 4u system: VM 4u system: Internal pictures were taken mid build, I promise there's 750w Coolermaster PSU's in there lol. I think these pictures might be missing the scratch drives I put into the VM box too, but whatever. I'm not about to cut my hands up tearing them apart anytime soon unless I have to though. Sorry. I thought I shared these here already, guess not. Must've been a different forum. *shrugs
  21. Cpu: Amd fx8300 Motherboard: msi 970 gaming Ram: GSkill ddr3 2x8gb Gpu: RX580 (etf) and quadro k420 (plex transcoding) Psu: evga 750bq Ssd: transcend 1tb sata3 (boot), amd r3 480gb (temp transcode) Hdd: 2x Seagate 4tb terrascale and 1x MaxDigitalData 4tb in raid5 Case: rosewil rsv-4000 4u O.S.: windows 10 Runs 24/7/365 for plex (some nas) and [email protected] on the rx580.
  22. Software RAID, or use AMD or Intel's built in tools. No motherboard is capable of NVMe RAID, they just enable you to use RST/VROC or AMD's RAID tools. Even the Highpoint drive is just a PLX chip and software; https://www.anandtech.com/show/16247/highpoint-updates-nvme-raid-cards-for-pcie-40-up-to-8-m2-ssds NVMe drives are already RAID cards. They have LPDDR4 Cache, they have multi-core controllers, and they have stacks of Flash NAND (SSDs) on data buses. They can already push >4GB/s. There is no bus that will give you a performance benefit over PCI-e 4.0 that you can use on modern desktop hardware, and adding another step in the chain will hurt latency. There is simply no controller short of an actual FPGA, ASIC, or true CPU that can keep up. What is your end goal? If you are attempting to protect data, then get a automated networked backup solution. Unless you absolutely need higher sequential read/writes, you will see no benefit from RAID, better to just pony up for next gen Optane or whatever the fastest PCI-e 4.0 NAND SSD is at the time.
  23. Should have Michele's and my ETF folding rigs back up and running by end of day tomorrow. I had to rob Peter to pay Paul to build my buddy a workstation so parts got shuffled around like crazy over the last few days, but things are almost finished getting put back together. The really good news is that I am selling my buddy a whole bunch of hardware at a a good profit and he is more than happy about that. @Supercrumpet @firedfly
  24. Actually went through Orillia, up to Gravenhurt to Port Carling and around to Bracebridge. We went hiking at multiple trails there and the Cranberry farm. It was a bit chilly this time of year and kinda scary to drive on the roads with bad summer tires on, but really beautiful. Live around Markham now! Used to live in Port Credit, gotta say I'm not a fan of Brampton nor the drivers there though
  25. Edit: little correction on the pics. The further out one is real, the rest are very accurate data driven renders.
  26. Nahhh, I'll water cool when I have a nice rig. None of mine are nice enough.
  27. i know its for looks and not performance, but in the case of this build i want the looks to matter as much as the function, my H210i is a butchered mess because i was experimenting. the only reason i debate 5/8OD tubing so much, is white fittings to go with the theme, and as you've said before, the possibility of the tubing size looking better in the case
  28. I'll definitely be sad if it turns out this way but I think Microsoft is really serious about delivering good games. They've seen Sony beat them at every turn in this race with great titles and I think MS has seen the light in that they see that they haven't had much going on in their side of the ring besides Halo. MS is a different company with Satya Nadella at the helm and Phil Spencer being more autonomous. I'm optimistic they are on a good path.
  29. God Of War Coming to PC in January - IGN WWW.IGN.COM 2018's God of War is on its way to PC, arriving for Steam in January 2022. Looks like Sony really is going to be doing this more and more. It makes perfect sense, they don't make money from selling consoles but from selling games. Third title games are almost always multi-platform anyway so trying to lock consumers into a console to collect licensing fees on third party titles is probably a strategy that worked a lot better in the past than it does now.
  30. 280 and 360 version of these rads And an O11 Dynamic Mini Snow edition:
  31. Subbed. Happy to know a part of me will live forever in your build.
  32. these are the voyages of the starship enterprise........
  33. love the 70s faucet. reminds me of my grandmothers house also im pretty sure that should never be in water.
  34. Intel CEO vows to challenge Nvidia, market is "hungry" for alternative GPUs WWW.TECHSPOT.COM In a recent interview with CRN that covers several topics with Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, one subject that was... Hope this comes true.
  35. NEED is the exact operative word! NEED competition. NEED innovation. NEED more players in the game.... Say it with me now, "LETS GO INTEL" "LETS GO INTEL" (get the whole damn stadium sayin it!)
  36. Yeah for sure. Them being state side before caused some issues for us on the other side of the pond.
  37. yeah, it's so easy to move it around! Even outside the room, I can just move the system to the living room if I want and it only has one power plug to get it all up and running. And a small update, a coworker was working on some floors for an engine room so he cut a 100x40cm diamond plate for me. It saved me some trouble and I offered to help him with his slow laptop in return. I sandblasted a little test piece which looked pretty good, so I did the whole plate. It looks pretty good imo, just needs some support in the middle before I put weight on it. [edit] Daylight picture, still bad quality. (I need a better camera..)
  38. You could do a 360 on the top and keep the 240. By the looks of your build, you could easily punch a hole in the top of your case using a unibit. Install a pass through (bulkhead fitting) and route your fill port so that a 360 rad wouldn't interfere. Route it from the top of your res/pump, use a 90 to send it towards the back panel, then once it clears into that little compartment in the back...straight up to the bulkhead fitting. Throw a pressure release on the top of it and you are done. Here's an example of a fill port installed into my system. It'd actually be located just above your rad, but you could easily move it back further if need. Or if there's enough room (you can see where my rad is located), just run it straight up. Part of the reason I opted for this case instead of another I was considering is the real estate. The other side of building for so long is I've learned that something worth doing, is worth doing correctly. Don't know about you, but if I half @ss it, then every time it's looked at part of me is seriously erked lol Maybe it's the tech/engineer in me. Orrrrr, just keep it super simple and get a bottom mount for your pump/res combo and mount it towards the front a little more.
  39. That's a lot of cooling hardware! I've been working on the new system with 16 fans(RGB+PWM) on the front radiators alone, and that's not something I like to do. 42 is an even bigger pain in the ...
  40. My server is an Intel SKULL CANYON NUC, specifically this : https://www.pcworld.com/article/3074...nceptions.html OS: Windows 10 X64 Case: NUC CPU: i7-6770HQ Motherboard: Intel Stock Memory: 16GB Corsair Vengeance PSU: Nuc Stock OS SSD: 256 WD Blue NVME User it as my Plex server as well as my home server for file access etc, with it being so small with low power consumption it is great for 24/7 up time and should I have remote issues to my file server, this acts as another remote gateway to access files locally on my network ! As you can see from the Pic, I created a painted MDF Enclosure for it to sit in along with a Blu-ray player to the top as I also use this as a multimedia center at times, but not as often as I should really. Also in the lower section is my 1TB 2.5" HDD that allows for image backups for the server and anything else I deem necessary. Its a great all in one box.
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