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  1. Yea those are the only 2 i found also. Corsair has apparently been marked out of stock for months on and off. Hopefully i get a notification of a restock soon. I asked their chat and he said it wasnt discontinued at least. MNPC is the only instock one and 50$ for a technically used panel plus shipping is just a bit much. Id kinda rather just buy the case during a sale and hijack a panel lol. We'll see as the weeks go by i guess.
  2. I can safely say i had the most crashes out of everyone, i'll take that award. Also repasted my 980tis today and got the temps back in check. Nice and clean. What isnt clean is my apartment. Dropped my 570X Side panel 3 inches onto my desk as i went to set it on the case and it exploded like a ballistic missile. I had glass 20ft across my apartment. And of course everyone is out of stock on them. If anyone has a Corsair 570X Case / Side panel they'd be willing to sell hmu xD.
  3. Fans, never got around to watercooling them. Both were running per the fan scale i set. 0 load. 70% fan speed. 153 degrees. Almost like it failed running a WU and just never stopped running it or something. Ive had bad overclocks n such before but this gave me a red Failed in FAH and was just reading like a maniac so ive zero clue. System restart and letting it finish the WU's it was doing then i will dive deeper into the issue. Id upgrade if anything was even available...
  4. I just got home to my main system being basically shot dead. FAH Errored out, first gpu flat out Failed?! Never seen that before. Temp at idle was 153 degrees no load. Something def isnt right. I knew these Kingpin cards had crap reliability but i was really hoping they'd hold out for this. Hopefully it just needs a repaste or something. Been fine all week though. Odd to happen all of a sudden. On the plus side i hooked my HTPC 780/9100 to the 1000 watt platnium psu next to it and its been stead 550k ppd all day no black screens. That 500w evga just cant hold it up i guess. But you got the win
  5. Is 500 watts enough for a GTX 780 and a I3-9100f? Im getting desperate trying to figure out what keeps causing these dropouts. The system just wont stay up. It keeps black screening every 10min to an hour. Always random. Never a BSOD. No logs. Occasionally on restart i get a board error and no post. Another restart fixes it. Ive added fans to the back of the gpu and to the cpu vrm. No overclock, no xmp, no turbo boost. Im out of options. Any of yall have a clue?
  6. Walked into my apartment after work and was hit with a wave of heat like no other. 85 degrees in my apartment with all windows wide open and about 70 outside. At least it isnt full on summer here yet. Also lost the 9100f/780 system at some point again today. This MSI board REFUSES to stay stable at full stock. It randomly just dies, gives multiple cpu and ram errors and wont post and then on like the 5th restart it boots like nothing is wrong. MSI plz make better boards...
  7. Ok, well Florida had a rare little thing called a Cold Front. Now that i dont have to run my A/C 24/7 i decided to bring out all my hardware. I aint no 7th Realm God like Avacado or Bastiaan. But hopefully i can nip at the heels of the gods like a chihuahua. Added in a GTX 780, RX 570, R9 270X, and a Intel i3-9100f. The other board is only a skylake pentium so it already has its hands full just trying to exist. Of course the MSI ITX Board for the 9100f refuses to be stable in existing so only 2 cores folding for the 9100, 3 it crashes because why not. Added up its about another 900-1mil ppd on
  8. Did they update how WU are cranked out in the year since i last folded. I dont ever remember the client telling me 2.8mil ppd with 2x 980ti's. Or is it like a welcome back bonus
  9. Time to burn the dust off my 980ti's. Hopefully both of them can manage 12+ WU's a day. Havent folded in a while, Trying to preserve the cards. Kingpin models arent known for their reliability sadly. If nothing else i at least have a winter heater sitting next to me for a week lol.
  10. Really wanted to upgrade when Cyberpunk came out as DX12 doesnt support SLi and almost no devs care about Explicit Multi-GPU. My dual 980ti's are awesome but they are definitely struggling at 1440p when forced solo. I just wish my Kingpin models could overclock just a bit more, 900 series was really tapped out on launch basically. If i could find a reasonable used 1080ti or 2080/ti id do that but ive a feeling im just better waiting another year for the 4000 series or something. Who knows.
  11. I just tried a RX 470 i had laying around and same exact issue. But if i use the GTX 780 i have it boots no issues, Same with a GT 620. The system im testing on is a i5-6400 on a Asus Z270 Mark 2, Which is a newer and uefi board. All cards boot zero issues on the test system. But go to the MSI board and anything amd wont post. Updated the board to the lastest bios too. So perplexing that its amd only. Tried 4 bio's on the RX 570, Unless i try another manufacture bios on the card it hasnt worked. Motherboard was on the first release bios, updated to latest and no change. I
  12. That link is for the Fury X and Nano, but i did try some other bios versions. I tried all 3 from gigabytes website and one from techpowerup. Im not sure if i should try another manufacture's bios maybe? Do you think there is a chance that would work? But all the versions i tried had the same result. Half second fan spin at best and no post. Stops on cpu for all versions. All the gpu bios versions support uefi so i dont think its a bios issue but at this point it could be anything. Maybe msi just has it out for this card lol.
  13. Ive got a real interesting issue im curious if any of yall have experience or ideas whats going on. I just picked up a MSI H310I Pro with a Intel I3-9100F off ebay. Got the parts in and found the cooler had broken off and was tumbling around the case during transit. Tested just the cpu and some ram, No issues. Posted just fine as far as i could tell with no gpu ( went through all the post lights no issues ). I then assembled the system thinking i was golden. Go to boot it up, and im stuck on cpu post. System is the above with a Gigabyte Aorus RX570, 16gb (2x8) Geil 3000mhz ram, and a 128gb m.2
  14. Ive got a pretty simple yet hilariously stupid one. About 4-5 years ago on the release of skylake (6700K) I had managed to nab a 6700k just after release while i was on vacation no less. Well all the parts got delivered while i was still gone. After a 12 hour drive home, instead of sleeping out of exhausted excitement i decided to build the system and test it out. Well i was apparently so tired that i spent over 20 min attempting to install my 8-pin cpu connector backwards/swapped and I just could NOT get either side to plug in and i was dumbfounded. Ended up calling EVGA support and saying i
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