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  1. I just tried a RX 470 i had laying around and same exact issue. But if i use the GTX 780 i have it boots no issues, Same with a GT 620. The system im testing on is a i5-6400 on a Asus Z270 Mark 2, Which is a newer and uefi board. All cards boot zero issues on the test system. But go to the MSI board and anything amd wont post. Updated the board to the lastest bios too. So perplexing that its amd only. Tried 4 bio's on the RX 570, Unless i try another manufacture bios on the card it hasnt worked. Motherboard was on the first release bios, updated to latest and no change. I
  2. That link is for the Fury X and Nano, but i did try some other bios versions. I tried all 3 from gigabytes website and one from techpowerup. Im not sure if i should try another manufacture's bios maybe? Do you think there is a chance that would work? But all the versions i tried had the same result. Half second fan spin at best and no post. Stops on cpu for all versions. All the gpu bios versions support uefi so i dont think its a bios issue but at this point it could be anything. Maybe msi just has it out for this card lol.
  3. Ive got a real interesting issue im curious if any of yall have experience or ideas whats going on. I just picked up a MSI H310I Pro with a Intel I3-9100F off ebay. Got the parts in and found the cooler had broken off and was tumbling around the case during transit. Tested just the cpu and some ram, No issues. Posted just fine as far as i could tell with no gpu ( went through all the post lights no issues ). I then assembled the system thinking i was golden. Go to boot it up, and im stuck on cpu post. System is the above with a Gigabyte Aorus RX570, 16gb (2x8) Geil 3000mhz ram, and a 128gb m.2
  4. Ive got a pretty simple yet hilariously stupid one. About 4-5 years ago on the release of skylake (6700K) I had managed to nab a 6700k just after release while i was on vacation no less. Well all the parts got delivered while i was still gone. After a 12 hour drive home, instead of sleeping out of exhausted excitement i decided to build the system and test it out. Well i was apparently so tired that i spent over 20 min attempting to install my 8-pin cpu connector backwards/swapped and I just could NOT get either side to plug in and i was dumbfounded. Ended up calling EVGA support and saying i
  5. Nice to see it all survived the trip in one piece. Now hopefully it all works after the tumbles of international travel too. Funny those parts are going from retired hardcore 24/7 bitcoin life to 24/7 life saving folding research lol.
  6. Shipped out my goodies (PSU, Risers, and a spare M.2 Drive) to E today. Let us all pray the box survives the trek over the pond in one piece.
  7. And here i was happy that i just moved outside a decent sized city and went from 100mbs to 500mbs. Then i look here and this man posting his 2.1gbps internet. Now i feel like im starting up my AOL Dialup again... ( Tried tagging or uploading my results but no matter what way i try it, it refuses to load. I either dont have perms or it doesnt connect )
  8. Imo the LG G6 is the last good/perfect phone they put out. Amazing feel in the hands, Great camera setup ( The first dual lens setup normal and wide ), Type-C, Wireless charging, IP Ratings, No BS front notch or camera hole, Micro SD Slot, fingerprint reader AND A HEADPHONE JACK. It launched at $650 which today is dang near unheard of for a top end phone. Then they threw it all away with each new phone. Going 3 years strong and i still have no interest in upgrading. The Asus Zenfone 6 almost won me over to upgrade but its been out of stock for months. LG just cant seem to upgrade their designs
  9. Interesting choice using a mining board. I looked into using risers for a folding rig a while back and the research i did seemed to note that pci 1x is a bottleneck for folding depending on the WU or would something like those 1060's not matter as much? Cant remember if mid range cards were as affected. Outside that i do have 10x Spare PCI 1X to 16X Risers and a EVGA 1300 Watt G2 PSU ( 120-G2-1300 ) im willing to donate and look into shipping if your interested. Cheers. Edit: I also have a handful of 128gb m.2 drives on hand. Might also have a Sata to M.2 enclosure somewhere i can combin
  10. I havent had any issues on newer hardware no matter if its different speeds or timings personally. Though i would definitely recommend getting as similar a kit as possible for long term use and testing that kit solo then mixing is an even better way to verify long term reliability. Overall you shouldnt really have any issues.
  11. Its been fun getting back into folding here and on overclock.net. I just wish WU's were more consistent. both my 980ti's have been idle prob over 50% of the time if not more. Was really hoping to crank some numbers out. What can you do though when the whole world is also busy cranking out lol.
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