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  1. You might have already covered that but have you figured out what GPU(s) to use, or do you plan to mount a temporary one until AMD, NV (& Intel Xe?) spring their latest workstation/prosumer offerings ?
  2. How about a quick trip to London ? (4K png converted to jpg...best viewing with 'open in new tab') Leaving Haethrow...check out that puny A380 compared to my bird... Order ! Order !! ORDER !!! ...so that's how that bridge looks like from the bottom... ...time to visit the O2... ...time for a night flight back...switched to s.th. a bit faster
  3. banned...coz, after sweet small children and cuddly, fluffy pandas, who is left to ban ?
  4. ^nice ! ...per above YT clips I posted (GTX 1070 / 1080p), it is certainly possible to play at lower resolutions and with older hardware. However, per original post, I wanted to focus, albeit not exclusively, on '4K Ultra / dense objects settings and SLI - CFR' in this thread...basically max on what is possible, including in low flights Speaking of 'dense object' settings in MS FS 2020, I will probably dial back car traffic (which moves, has headlights at night etc) a bit...highways are getting crowded...and I already showed 'too much' ship traffic
  5. ...how about some cute & cuddly Pandas instead ? I dare you to ban those ...
  6. Even with 1080 max/ultra, anything below a GTX 1660 is probably going to be a bit frustrating in MS FS 2020...here's a relative comparison of GPUs in RDR2 (Guru3D) and MS FS 2020 (HardwareUnboxed) in 1080p max/ultra, providing some generalized 'guide posts'. ...Worth keeping in mind though that for a sim like MS FS 2020 (rather than a 'fps game'), slightly lower average fps are acceptable, as long as it is at least 24 fps - 30 fps ....and here is a quick 'sweet revenge' screenie I took earlier...flying underneath the same bridge I got stuck on earlier (in rush hour, i
  7. Also looking forward to the finished product photos ! Just make sure the neighbours don't get the wrong idea
  8. 4790K > 4.7 Ghz (never mind 6700K > 4.7 Ghz) should work fine even at 4K...I have both still running in other systems, and MS FS 2020 doesn't use many threads, so high-clock 4C (4T/8T) unlikely to be a big issue, though cache size also matters. Also, 32GB of decent clocked-&-timed RAM is really helpful with MS FS 2020
  9. ...1070 you say ? Check this out, GTX 1070 - 1080p : ...and this... ...in my case, having a dual 2080 Ti setup already on a 40 inch 4k monitor (I probably sit too close to), I obviously wanted to 'max ultra' everything. Besides, 4K Ultra helps to 'mask' TR HEDT lower clock performance
  10. Yeah, comes down to a variety of factors...but the liquid used (and its multi-metal rating) is a major one. I even think this kind of rebuild / refill would work well for folks who bought the Enermax TR4 AIO which had one of the best designs (cold-plate) but a big quality problem re. gumming/'gunking' up...
  11. You won't regret it...other than may be re. your monthly electricity bill ...It is one of the trickiest apps I have ever set up (including when compared to HWBot quad-SLI), given that all your system components have to be tuned to work in unison for best results w/ MS FS 2020. But once you have it set up for the sweet-spot, especially on a large 4K monitor, it is breathtaking in many ways...MS FS 2020 is educational, skill-requiring / challenging and great fun all at once, depending what flights / planes you choose... Be that in a 747 banking in over a metro area...
  12. ... ...a couple of years ago, I drove across Canada and back from the W.Coast in the late fall/early winter...in addition to older tunes such as those by Deep Purple, Pink Floyd etc, I love regular trance. But whenever I was speeding more than my regular speed premium, I would listen to s.th. like this instead to slow a bit...
  13. ...I never speed...(Hehe)
  14. ...I know what you mean ...that little rocky area by the seawall looked spacious enough from above (but wasn't...)
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