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  1. Source: https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/amd-ryzen-5-5600x-takes-the-lead-in-passmark-single-thread-scores.html Wonder how long AMD will be able to hold the crown.
  2. Digital vs analog definitely matters though. You will never get as clean of sound from a pc with a sound card because of the electrical interference, then you have to worry about the wires going from the pc to the receiver being thick enough/shielded from any additional interference. All of that goes away with hdmi, and the only time you have analog is from the receiver to the speakers. Not to mention the dac in a receiver is going to be better than that in a sound card 99% of the time.
  3. Microsoft is actually very much not that way. They take obvious steps and measures to keep from stepping on people's toes in those kinds of ways. Expanding their gaming division with a some purchase is not even a little bit of an anti trust issue since the video game industry is highly competitive and they're doing nothing to prevent anyone else for competing. Microsoft is actually a great example for other companies to look on how to be a giant company without getting into any anti trust issues. They definitely learned from their mistakes.
  4. That's simply not true. And a little beside the point. I think what I'm saying here is easily understood, there is no reason to debate me on it. Just don't turn this thread into a thread about any political preferences at all, keep it neutral politically and just talk about the twitch event. Simple enough.
  5. Yea that will definitely matter as well.
  6. Tldr. HDCP is not the right term, you're right, but still want I am referring to is 4k hdmi level audio quality which is different than standard hdmi. Writing an essay about this won't change what one can hear clearly with their own ears. Using a 4k hdmi audio setup is just about there best option available in terms of signal quality is my only point. There are lots of reasons for this.
  7. OK, fair but I think flight sim is one of those games that had a lot of settings that push the GPU really hard for a highly diminishing return. There are a few settings that you really just don't need maxed out to get nearly the best visual experience possible. For example you can set the detail render distance pretty far in this game, lowering that one notch saves a ton on performance and is barely noticeable especially if you're just looking at the clouds anyway. I have a mix of mostly high settings with clouds and maybe on or two other things set to ultra @4K with 80% render sc
  8. Yea, that didn't really need to be stated. Obviously I know you can't plug HDMI into a speaker. Not sure how you could have been lead to believe otherwise by anything I said. My point is that if you can get you're audio setup to be fully HDCP 2.2 compatible, which requires 4K HDMI, the sound will be better vs that which you would get from a sound card assuming the receiver being used is the same either way. I have tried this myself before, and it was really nice but ultimately I preferred having the settings/control that my sound card gives me.. well that and the the
  9. I think you basically need to find a receiver that has the features you would want from your sound card if you want to go full hdmi and still have some customizable options. That said, I suspect that the new 120hz 4k hdmi 2.1 standard will require a receiver that fully supports hdmi 2.1 so now would be a bad time to start investing in a receiver setup anyway.
  10. You need to improve your reading comprehension skills instead of just arguing with yourself over something that you just made up in your head. No one here is defending AOC. If you said Trump can only get votes by wearing pink shirts, I would say that's obviously not true since he has already won office and never did it with any pink shirts. The same applies to what you're saying here. A politician setting records on twitch and being the first instance of a politician using twitch to actually stream a game is an interesting topic from a numbers perspective. Has nothing to do with AO
  11. Source: https://www.techspot.com/news/87240-ea-faces-another-class-action-lawsuit-over-loot.html This is way overdue. Hopefully more countries will follow suit and sue EA for illegal gambling practices.
  12. You quoted "she can only get votes by going on twitch" and said "yup, this" to paraphrase. It's a silly thing to say about someone who clearly has won an election before without doing a twitch stream. Since the very first point you tried to parrot is totally inaccurate, your commentary is pointless. I'm only telling you to stop making it political. Calling me a simp for that is just childish. I've said nothing good or bad about AOC myself here.
  13. Microsoft had to agree to new rules and regulations. They lost the anti-trust suite but they were able to avoid a forced company break up.
  14. This site is not for political discussion. Just focus on the twitch part, no one cares if you like her or hate her. My only interest with this new was seeing how well her stream did. Also, since you didn't watch the steam your commentary that suggest a level of familiarity with the event that you clearly don't have makes it obvious you just came here to spout off to yourself about nothing. I can assure you no one here cares what you think of AOC or anything else political, so just don't go there. Trolls are people who make comments simply to annoy rather than move the
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