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Everything posted by Diffident

  1. You're a miracle worker! You've actually made a dogbone wrench useful.
  2. I have an Asus A7VBX if you want it. It has an Athlon XP 2000 installed, I think it's a 2000. It has a 333mhz FSB and 2 SATA ports. It was one of the first boards with on board SATA. I replaced a 266mhz FSB board with this just to get the SATA ports. I'm guessing it works, but I have no idea. The CMOS battery is probably dead. It's about 18 years old. Since your into old computers. Don't know it you have a Socket A yet....I think it's a Socket A.
  3. I'm still using my 1700x with the segfault bug. I'm not using Gentoo anymore, so it doesn't affect me as much. I already have a new mobo and 64GB of DDR-4000 that I bought last November.
  4. Now you can get Ryzen 5000 series CPU's for less than MSRP at Microcenter and during a sale on NewEgg. I want to upgrade but if I can't get a GPU at MSRP, than what's the point.
  5. Some recommends to buy are based on the short term. Intel's Ex-dividend date is Nov 4. Buy some Intel stock, hope it doesn't go down between now and Nov 4 and you get free money when the divided pays. AMD has never paid a quarterly dividend. Plus they have a GPU that will be released soon. It's going to sell no matter how good or bad it is just because of the market we're in.
  6. This is a rip-off. It's not even the full word.
  7. They're not serious about making good games, they're serious about making money. Buying as many game studios as they can and locking them to their platform is how Microsoft has chosen to accomplish that goal. Odds are any of them with online content will probably require a Microsoft account for access which aligns with their other goal of collecting as much data from users as possible.
  8. Android is open source, it's what enables these kinds of things. Google should have released Android with a GPL License, like it's included Linux Kernel, instead of an Apache License. It would have forced Microsoft to release the source code for changes they may have made for this to work.
  9. It's only a good deal if you play enough to justify paying a monthly fee. My guess is eventually once Microsoft gobbles up enough studios, they all become Windows Store exclusives using UWP. Microsoft's wet dream is to have a walled garden like Apple's.
  10. The last thing we need is gaming studios being consolidated into few and few companies with more and more exclusives. Ohh.....and the only way there will ever be a good Ghost Recon game is if it returns to being a first person tactical shooter again, not this 3rd person, bullet sponge, loot shooter crap.
  11. That can't be right. DRM is for our benefit and never causes any problems what so ever. /s
  12. Don't Starve Together LAN & Online Co-oP
  13. Intel's oneAPI was released in Sept 2020. Over the past year, they've been adding support for their upcoming GPU into the Linux kernel and Intel ray tracing support for Vulkan.
  14. Don't lose any sleep over it. Windows 11 is just lipstick on a pig.
  15. Got this for the lol's. That Brandon guy is a popular fellow.
  16. Only Mackay has the grappling hook, it's part of his loadout.
  17. I haven't played the beta yet...I have it downloaded, but it's probably the same as the playtest (alpha) from a month ago that I did play. The biggest thing I don't like about 2042 is how specialist are implemented. I hoping it's only because the full game isn't available yet, but they're turning BF into a "skins" game. I'm playing the "Medic" specialist...which is an old gray haired woman for some reason...and I'm in a firefight with someone that LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE I DO. The only way to know who's who is the indicator over a players head...and looking for an indicator makes it difficult to make split second decisions instead of each side having unique uniforms.
  18. The pencil box is a nice design. It can be made bigger and use it for other things.
  19. Which means it will be a compute powerhouse, but suck at gaming.
  20. Maybe if all of our countries started making are own stuff again it could kill two birds with one stone.
  21. Mining is processing transactions, it's difficult in order to give the reward value. There a number boinc projects that some may think have no purpose, but they must have some purpose to the people who set them up. Banning something that someone might think has no purpose isn't a valid reason.
  22. Mining is just mathematical computations. A task is being accomplished with coins being awarded as payment for the use of computational power. [email protected] and boinc projects act the same way, but only points for "bragging rights" are issued as a reward. If the reason for outlawing it is because of energy usage then [email protected] and other distributed computing projects should also be banned. If we are going to pick and choose what "math" is acceptable for someone to run on their own system, than yes it would be the end of free society.
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