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  1. Ok there Jensen....lol Seriously though, I've ran a myriad of cards since ATI, nVidia, 3dfx; you name it, chances are I had one. I have two AMD cards now; a 5700xt and a 5700. I experience NONE of the issues people were discussing. Over that past 7-8 years I've had 2x R9 290s, a 980 ti and 1080 ti and more recently the 5700 cards; one at work and one at home. I've never really experienced any driver issues with any. I think the "AMD drivers suxor" is vastly overblown. Are AMD's software features up to nVidia's? Of course not. But it's nowhere near the probl
  2. Full Title: AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT “Big Navi” GPU Alleged 3DMark Benchmarks Leaked – Faster Than GeForce RTX 3080 at 4K, Slower In Port Royal Ray Tracing Source So, if correct, Moore's Law is Dead leaks/rumors about Big Navi roughly matching Turing in RT seems to be about right. If true and the price is correct, this card's a winner. 6900XT should be a monster.
  3. That's essentially how I see it. Chances of going AMD this time for a GPU is near 100% if they're anywhere in the ballpark with Ampere. Last AMD card I used for my main rig was a 290. Went with 980 ti and 1080ti after. I'm looking forward to the switch, if I'm honest. I don't like to stay in one camp for too long. That's why I suspect my next build, CPU wise, will be Intel. Let's just hope they can finally get on track. It's a weird thing about myself; and here is some insight into me. If I have two pencils at my desk, I have to use them equally. It's always been a weird quirk. I'
  4. Fortunately for me, I don't do much hobby/work at home anymore. Primarily gaming, which for me is flight simming and wargaming. So whilst my cpu; a 3900XT is kind of out of a job, my next GPU is going to be purchased only for max gaming performance for a "reasonable" price. I do understand the need though.
  5. Same. My 1080ti and 980ti are getting just a tad long in the tooth, though, the 1080ti is still a beast!! I put my 5700XT in my son's computer, though he just left for the Navy, so I need to repurpose it. But with VR flight simming becoming my primary gaming focus, I definitely need more grunt for DCS and the upcoming VR mode for FS2020.
  6. The 30XX series launch was now, very obviously in hindsight, a stop gap measure against AMD and the impending Big Navi. I make no allusions of Big Navi's supremacy in performance, but it appears that it is close, and nVidia seems to know this. Hence this hasty "launch" of the 30XX series with not but a few cards to sell, on a stop gap Samsung 8nm, with a suboptimal VRAM configuration. AMD may not have the oft spoke of "mindshare" in the GPU segment, but I can't help to think that AMD's ascendancy in CPUs and computing in general, is in the mind of enthusiasts everywhe
  7. I don't care what it is, truth be told. If it performs, is available and at a reasonable price is pretty much all care about.
  8. It's a start. We have to start somewhere. God, how I wish I could live another 100 years. Time's almost up.....
  9. I loved my Windows phone. As far as mobile OSes go, it was the absolute best, IMO. It was fantastic. Of course, the lack of apps and limited phone models killed it. I really lamented that. If they ever return to that space; I look forward to getting a Surface phone because I would definitely get one.
  10. Hello! Been here a couple weeks now, but I figured I should still say "hello".......so Hello! I feel kinda dirty. OCN has been my daily driver for years now, but I think we all know how the wind is blowing. Cheers, Lancer VI
  11. Yeah. I don't see a problem either, but I find it interesting that a GPU/AI/Data Science company can't figure out the bot issue with their site. I admittedly know nothing about it, but you'd think they could figure it out in relatively short order.
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