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  1. Hahah fear not, I have a duplicate piece of aluminium and a new set of hole cutting drill bits- version 2 will be much more professional ?
  2. Hi everyone, small update! I've remade the PCB cables by cutting them off completely and soldering new lengths then sleeved the lot as one cable. Lots of extra length on the cables so I can cut them to the right length when I know the measurements. Next up, a quick recap- I'm building a mount for all this Aquacomputer stuff to stop the spaghetti mayhem. This was the design. I've bought a piece of 3mm aluminium cut to fit 5.25" bays, and some of this mounting hardware. Blu-tack'd the bits to the plate and drew some drilling marks. Be warned this is not going to be pretty. (I have a second piece for the final version of this when I know everything I'll need on it). Test fit, looks pretty good. Drilled the holes. Hardware mounted! I've had to find some standoffs and tiny M3 nuts and bolts to be able to mount all this lot. I took a chance on these nylon ones, turns out they're actually amazing quality, would recommend! Had to drill and hacksaw some cable routing holes. I plan to run some P-clips on the back to manage the cables. Luckily the case has some handy routing holes that will make everything easier! Looking pretty good! Much better than the spaghetti madness. Apart from the fans, this is everything I need to have plugged in! I need to make custom length cables for the when I know how long they need to be. That's all for now.... I wanted to be buying the hardware this weekend but we all know it's impossible to get a hold of at the moment, so the waiting continues! ^ ignore these two photos, they refuse to be deleted & I don't know why ?
  3. Good luck. I can't imagine the stock will be too bad for much longer, by the end of the month things should be more stable!
  4. @Bastiaan_NL I found a million different JST plugs but I never saw the SJN variety- which is exactly what it is. I'm going to get you on a tech support retainer =D I've started to cut & solder the cables, so it will all be fine in the end, just a bit more faff. Cheers
  5. @Bastiaan_NL No luck with the PCB de-pinning. I can lift the white tab but it refuses to come out I'm not sure what's stopping it but I cant see how its connected to the PCB. Might be soldered onto the pin? Either way I think ill have to either de-solder the connector off the PCB or cut and solder the cables. Bugger! Any suggestions?
  6. I can't wait either- I still need to buy the hardware & the watercooling stuff. Trying to be sensible and wait until black friday, see if there's anything good on offer. Still waiting to see what the Heatkiller IV for the 3080 looks like. -And there's no chance of getting a 3080 anytime soon - and I'm waiting for the 6800 benchmarks! All this waiting is killing me hah I've built a couple of PCs in the Silverstone SG05 for people. Love that case. It looks hilariously small next to the TJ07! I had a photo of them somewhere but I can't find it.... Get that server build log going Cheers! I've seen it done on a few TJ07 buildlogs so I had to give it a go. Haven't tried getting the pins out yet, but thanks for the advice, I'll give it a go soon
  7. A tiny bit of actual IRL modding today. =D Note: A friend mentioned the pics could be bigger, so I'm upping the resolution. Enjoy! The TJ07 has the power button and status LED's mounted on this little PCB on the front of the case. A popular mod is to encase this in a little box so it looks all neat & tidy, so that's what I'm doing today. Looks like I was lazy and only mounted it with 2 at some point in the past.... Standoffs/Power button hole. The PCB off the case. A lot of people replace the power button with a Anti-Vandal style switch but I think the stock one looks super clean, so I'm leaving it alone. I have a vague memory of there being a reset switch, so something must've happened to it at some point.... I have replaced the blue LED's with orange ones (of course), so no edits needed there. This is the box, it's a Hammond Box. Specifically, a Hammond 1591ABK - 100x50x25mm. I've drilled holes for the PWR, LED & standoffs. The standoffs that come with the case for mounting the PCB are a few millimetres shorter on the threaded screw part compared than a regular motherboard standoff. I'm using the standoffs to hold the Hammond Box in place so swapping them out with regular motherboard ones makes up for the difference in thickness. Lucky because I didn't think about it at all. =D Mounted in the case. Cut a little hole in the side for the cables. How much better is that! The cables will be lengthened & sleeved when I know how long the replacements need to be. If anyone knows how to get cables out of this connector I'd love to hear it. I haven't tried as I don't want to break it. It's soldered to the PCB so I'm being extra cautious! Id like to take them out and replace the wires completely, but otherwise I'm going to have to cut & solder which is more effort.
  8. She is a beauty. Thanks! It forced me to go back and look at old designs with fresh eyes which is always a good thing.
  9. Took the day off today as it was raining- So I've been playing with my layouts for the lower case section =D I didn't take into account all this Aquaero stuff in my original Sketchup file. I've also got a D5 instead of a DDC, so new pump placements required. The DDC is already really squished in there! I spent a while throwing about the Aquacomputer parts in this section but there's no chance they're going to fit. Design MKII- The D5 is too big to fit in-between the rads, and there needs to be space for the cables to run too. This new layout keeps the buttons on the D5 easy to reach and I can get a wider 240mm rad now if I want! This hasnt solved the Aquero stuff needing a home though, sooooo... Before & after ^^ - I've moved the Himuro Drive days to a vertical config. I've and created a little mount for the monitoring stuff which is going to be super simple to knock up! It will be super easy to access through the front panel. Moving the Himuro Drives to a vertical config makes the inside of the case look nicer too! They fill the space almost perfectly, and give me loads more room- the space between the GPU/RES/Himuro has gone from about 5mm to 5cm. Should make life easier all round. As long as all my measurement are correct.... still has to pass the IRL test I've cut a piece of foamboard into a extended-motherboard tray to get measurements for the one I'll get made at ColdZero. I'm at the awkward point now where there's really not much I can do until I order the hardware and the Watercooling stuff though, everything is relying on everything else being present to get precise measurements. Another new decision to make too, 6800xt or 3080? Cheers for reading the latest rambles.
  10. If the review benchmarks are as good as these slides, then FINALLY we have solid competition in the market again, everybody's a winner here. 6900XT is looking like a bargain too (comparatively).
  11. It is going to be a lot of sleeving …. probably best I don't understand quite what I've gotten myself into yet! Looking forward to using it. And I haven't started sleeving yet... we shall see how far I get before I do what Bastiaan does and shove em under the radiators
  12. Sure I'll buy the headset, but where am I going to put the server farm to run it? ?
  13. Another package. These arrived much sooner than I expected! This afternoon I've had a play around with all the Aquacomputer stuff. Sweet holy jeebus. What a total cabling nightmare! One Aquero, one Farbwerk, 3 Splitty4's, 6 Corsair QL120's and a whole load of spaghetti. At least I don't have to cook tonight! Unfortunately, the Farbwerk can only support 90 LED's per channel. As the QL-Series fans have 34 LED's each, this means 2 fans max per channel. I'm having to use one Splitty4 per 2 fans, and I've used one Farbwerk channel for LED Strips. Not included in this setup is the three in-line water temp monitors I want to include, the pump, a flow monitor and air temp sensors. I'm definitely going to have to work out how to shorten and sleeve the majority of this stuff. It's all going to have to fit in the bottom of the TJ07... somehow.... I'm going to have to build some kind of mounting setup As for the Aquasuite software, it's exactly what I need. no nonsense, no fancy graphics or bullshit interfaces. My partner bought the ThermalTake Riing AIO. The fans are cool, and look great. The software is complete garbage. It works, (just about) but the way its laid out... its tedious and obfuscated. Nope. Bad. So neat! So tidy! Individually addressable LED's with any effect and copy/pasting. Yes Please. I need to plug everything in. But already I can see this is seriously good. That's all for today! If anyone has suggestions about the spaghetti problem I'd love to hear it. Current plan is to build some kind of mounting system, and start building custom cables. There are a few of these ^^^ connectors though, and I have no idea what to call it, (miniature USB?) or how to take it apart.
  14. I like the fact Linus called them out on it. Its a good card for the price too. Can't wait to see the AMD competition now!
  15. This is a great idea, cheers! Make it so much simpler.
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