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  1. I have a Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX which was their flagship 2019 model. The indexing isn't that big of a deal since it only happens when you insert an SD card or USB, but it's there. Once indexed, it's cached until the head unit detects a change in the file listing which would only happen if I removed the SD/USB, added/removed files on it from my PC, and put it back in the head unit. When it does have to refresh though, it's slow with a 45 MB/s SD card full of MP3s and AACs. Even if I get a faster SDXC card, it's still getting capped at a theoretical 60 MB/s over USB 2.0.
  2. I still do this. One of my cars' head units can play FLAC, but the reason I don't load it with FLAC is because I know I can't hear the difference between 320 Kbps MP3 and FLAC while driving—if at all, to be honest. Also, the head unit's interface for its USB ports and SDXC card slot is USB 2.0. Indexing all FLAC files would take forever. If the head unit were USB 3.0, then maybe.
  3. The title length issue on the home page is pretty straightforward. I'm guessing the same code is used on the forum index page, but I haven't checked that page specifically. .info a { display: -webkit-box; overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; } Anyway, the display: -webkit-box; CSS property causes the latest activity columns to have equal height (which looks clean) and the next two properties cause the thread titles to be width of the container and then display overflowing text as ellipses. I think text-overflow: ellipsis; is being set elsewher
  4. I think my memories of D2 are better left as memories, although to be honest, if it weren't for the 90-day login rule on the old Battle.net, I'd still give my old characters a brief run every now and then. I had a 96 javazon, 96 spearazon, and a party-favorite 95 freeze/immolate max attack speed M'avina's bowazon that I rebuilt once from 95 before the stat reallocation patch. All three of them were built to solo Uber Diablo and the javazon and spearazon could facetank him. I farmed so many Annihilus charms and later Hellfire Torches to fund my trading for some ridiculously valuable items inclu
  5. There are several use cases where a hard drive still makes more sense. I hit on three of them myself: Ultra-high capacity storage, file backup, and continuous writing. I have a 10 TB Seagate BarraCuda Pro for storage, a 6 TB HGST Ultrastar for backup, and I'm planning on a 4 TB WD Purple for my NVR setup hopefully later this year. My backup drive is almost always an older repurposed drive I formerly bought for storage. Anything that has to do with loading applications into memory rightfully gets put on an SSD, but transfer speed and seek times aren't always the most imp
  6. If you guys really want to see how far back this cascading effect reaches, I bought an EVGA 980 Ti Classified for $297 including shipping in May 2017. Out of six 980 Ti Classified cards sold on eBay US so far this month, including shipping, four of them have sold for more. The range is $260-327. Also, sales tax is now mandatory as well, which I didn't have to pay on eBay back in 2017. Of course now I wish I had snagged a 2080 Ti when they cratered down to $500.
  7. It's kind of funny how bringing back rounded corners is such a big deal with Windows 10 and that's what they call a major design overhaul. The Metro design language is a lot of things, but attractive is not one of them. They took flat UI to the extreme in Windows 10. It's clean, but it's also lifeless. Adding rounded corners will help, but the UI still has very little visual depth or interest. Before I installed 10 for the first time on my gaming laptop, I already planned to run Open Shell and Glass8. Now I can't daily drive 10 without them.
  8. Oh for sure, definitely just a tangential thought I had and not what you were suggesting. I do recommend getting some shares in AAPL for any new investor though, and it's also a fine choice for the times when you want to buy into a stock and don't know which one to buy. It's funny because it's not an exciting pick and it's not a pure growth stock, but it still behaves like one thanks to Apple being so damn big and a market leader in a outperforming sector. I wish I had simply bought more AAPL instead of making some of the dumb experimental picks I've made over the past few years.
  9. I can recommend both Fidelity and Vanguard. Sure, their UIs aren't as simple and easy like Robinhood, but honestly, Robinhood is a terrible brokerage on many levels. It took a kid committing suicide for them to get their heads out of their asses and stop dishing out margin accounts like subprime mortgage-backed securities in 2007. They've had inexplicable service outages. Their app is buggy and exploitable. They ran out of liquidity during the recent GameStop fiasco and their CEO looked like a complete idiot trying to talk his way out of the mess they got themselves into by being as disingenuo
  10. In terms of sectors, beyond just battery technology, I think there are growth opportunities in green energy in general. I went with Enphase Energy as a solar play last April. Without having done a whole lot of research at the moment that I'm typing this, I'd look into green energy ETFs and look at what their top holdings are. That could be a starting point for researching the individual stocks, or I might simply buy the ETF itself. I'm not an investing expert and my risk tolerance is probably higher than a lot of people (even though it's nowhere near the YOLO insanity o
  11. Thanks. I got PayPal back in 2017 when it was still $43. My thought at the time was Venmo was going to be a huge driver of their future growth especially with the Gen Z crowd. Meanwhile, PayPal was still growing with e-commerce, even if they were going to eventually part ways with eBay. Every online checkout other than Amazon has PayPal as an option right next to the credit cards. Their move into crypto payments was always a possibility, but I hadn't imagined it having the impact it did. Square occupies a similar space as PayPal and Shopify in consumer payments, but they're all a b
  12. You can't get too bogged down on the what if scenarios, especially with a stock that was part of the retail meme stock movement a couple of weeks ago. You might not have quintupled your money, but you did almost triple it, and you certainly didn't lose like most people who jumped on the bandwagon late did. I have to tell myself this or have a friend remind me every time I think of when I had a stop loss that triggered on Shopify in 2019 and I passed on a couple of opportunities to buy back in. I originally bought at around $100 a share in 2017 and the stock got up to around $380 in
  13. The theoretical limit of copper as a medium is effectively irrelevant for home networks both today and for the foreseeable future. Cat 8 cable supports 40 Gbps over a maximum channel length of 30 meters. Switches that cannot do 10 Gbps are still the overwhelming majority of the consumer market. I agree with tictoc in that 10 Gbps gear probably won't gain mainstream consumer adoption for up to another decade if not longer.
  14. One of the reasons I resisted Windows 10 for a long time was the UI. However, I have mine sufficiently customized with Open Shell, Aero Glass, RocketDock, and Rainmeter. Rainmeter is the least essential of those, but I can't stand 10 without those apps. What the tech-savvy among us consider a good operating system UI will be drastically different from what Microsoft is going to roll out for the average computer user. When it comes to making UI changes in Windows, I always expect the worst from Microsoft now.
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