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  1. First off, reread my first post. you will see where i said Maybe you should do some of your own research i am not going to spell it out for you. Look up whats going on with Section 230 and the current administration. It has relevance right up to the election, current admin, big tech, FCC, ETC.... https://thehill.com/policy/technology/526668-groups-urge-biden-against-putting-ex-google-head-in-cabinet https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2020/10/15/trump-section-230-facebook-twitter-google-conservative-bias/3670858001/
  2. Yes, and why would they do what he wants them to do if he is leaving in Jan? That was my point. (i didn't say anyone was guilty of anything btw) https://sg.news.yahoo.com/us-department-of-justice-antitrust-lawsuits-google-facebook-144659616.html https://www.westernjournal.com/report-doj-crack-google-facebook-big-way/?ff_source=site&ff_medium=protrumpnews&ff_campaign=can
  3. Lets see how well these replies age. I do wonder why the DOJ, FTC and others are lining up with lawsuits in regards to censorship and anti-trust starting January if the Administrations are changing. Especially if the "new incoming" administration has cabinet picks straight from Google etc... https://www.wsj.com/articles/facebook-google-to-face-new-antitrust-suits-in-u-s-11606742163
  4. It would be more hilarious when the current administration stays for another 4 years.
  5. While some of your post is accurate, some sounds suspect. Can you provide links or proof about BSODs? Ive not seen anything about that. (are you talking about big navi, or some old usless previous gpu review?)
  6. 3 posts in a row really? AMD got you that mad? That logic i could claim Nvidia in the same light based on issues i had with their cards over the years. These days the whole "Drivers bad" argument sounds more like propaganda when targeting a brand. I mean look at your avatar with the RTX logo. Seriously though driver issues are not specific to one brand its bound to happen for all.
  7. How far off am i by saying this reminds me of the intel celeron l2 cache on die miracle(first on cpu die(retail)). Which became standard after? Not saying infinity cache is here permanently for all gpus. However the benefit it seems to bring reminds me of the step up from pentium 1/ 2 to celeron 300A Excited to see how it stacks up, and what the future holds maybe larger infinity cache
  8. A developer laptop can have linux on it? How is this different from you can use a different search engine than google. I was speaking along the lines of Intel like backroom deals and programs to push a brand. Microsoft has ~80% marketshare on desktops which i am pretty sure includes laptops. The overwhelming majority of OEM Pc's are windows based in fact probably like in the 90%~ range on brand new builds. It was already answered by Diffident You would think so based on article OP posted. It's not the whole story though. S
  9. Yes! looking good! Prices could be better but time will tell with 3rd party reviews
  10. More slaps on the wrists i beat EA is sweating it... not.. some attorneys will get some cheddar and EA will still be "loot boxing" it up!
  11. I want to agree even with the insult you just threw my way. Honestly, given the heavily political content of your links. I stayed pretty neutral but pointing out the elephant in the room as a few others did. You did get political in your posts when talking about "winning office" etc. I don't think outside of 1 comment anyone really got very political. To respond to your "tech site and products they sell are relevant" comment i see your still avoiding the original point many of us were making. If leather jacket or Lisa had twitch streaming account/event like AOC. Then you wante
  12. A free Os doesn't make Microshafts monopoly on the PC/desktop/laptop any less real... Microsoft gets windows on OEM machines, This is how they have such a huge percentage of desktops. People like us on this forum build our own Pc's. The overwhelming majority get theirs already made, with software included. How does that happen? I am sure they don't just do it for fun. Google search engine gets such a huge boost in a similar fashion with google being the default search on many platforms including their own OS. How they get the default options by making deals, okay good f
  13. I have multiple AMD gpu's and drivers haven't been an issue for me. Last nvidia gpu i had was a 1080ti and outside of nvidia surround it seemed o.k. driver wise. The issue for me with Nvidia and AMD drivers, was AMD has a really decent software side of drivers. I like the UI panels for settings and wattman, power tuning, overlay stats like MSI AB etc.. Nvidia drivers seemed dated, basic and lacked many features.... Really though people are going to say different things. Drivers for me aren't high on the list after using both and not having much issues...
  14. While the topic of OP is about google. Microsoft was, if i recall the OG of tech anti trust suits. During this time, PC was the market since mobile devices weren't really a thing. Mixing the two now is misleading, simply because if you look at the Desktop segment(unless ExtremeHW means mobile devices?), Microshaft still has a monopoly.
  15. What were you reading on these articles? The one you linked in OP has nothing but politics mostly mentioned in it. The numbers were solely based on her popularity alone. Why is she popular? I think it's more like you can't handle the topic at hand.
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