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  1. This is the slowest connection available with our carrier here, or at least this is the slowest they'd tell me about... they keep trying to get me to sign up for gigabit, but I really can't see me needing it.... ATT only offers 12 Mbps here, and WISPs only offer around 6... but these guys came by and said "hold my beer" then hooked up this god tier connection and acted all shocked when I only wanted the min package.... Spectrum is good here, I know some places they're crap, but here they are the best.
  2. so I bought some cookies... my wife gets mad and says: "I don't buy crappy cookies, I make them!"... I stand awkwardly and then lose my crap laughing... so anyway, I need a place to stay for a while
  3. oh that is soooo tempting... It'd be about a 7 hour drive for me...not that I'd mind visiting there, and I'd need to get a good case... this old rag has done it's duty... I realy appreciate that offer for sure. I haven't posted it anywhere yet, but I nearly chopped off my finger at work... it's okay, but I can't move it properly anymore and I have to see an ortho to see if they can fix the broken tendon... having to relearn how to type atm lol... but given my circumstances, I'd best stay close by home for now, just in case they call me in.... I'd share a pic of my finger, but I'm pretty sure no one wants to see stitches...
  4. there are days on here where I think about hiring some of you to make my crap look good.... sigh... don't get me wrong, my water cooler works fine, nothing ever overheats....but it looks like it was beaten with the entire ugly tree and the ugly vine too...
  5. would be interesting to have enough ram to run the entire OS, software and all in a ram drive for benching purposes... not sure how that would work, but at those sizes it would have plenty of room
  6. While I personally wouldn't create posts using it, I do love the functionality it adds. Good addition, thanks!
  7. So, I sit here noticing this thread has stagnated... and I'm bored (a good thing). Been a rough week at work... started up a new job making shipping racks for the Polaris ORV. I program the CNC tube laser, 3 robots and one press brake... all had to have new programming for this job, some had to have multiple programs written.... the tube laser has 20 parts per rack that has to be made on it... then I come home to see coolant under my wife's car... it was coming from the intake *sigh*... see pic. Good news is that I just got my old 94 dakota fully repaired and tuned... bought that truck as a project truck ages ago, the ax15 (5sp manual) had been run with no oil, and the engine had a clogged oil strainer... surprisingly I was able to get both to last over 75k miles with little more than a clean out and fresh oil... but finally got around to putting in the new engine and transmission about a month ago... now everything works properly, even the A/C... Unfortunately for my wife's car, I don't work on it much... too new and complex for my liking. However, my son just graduated from college and is a full fledged mechanic so he is coming to my rescue on this one, since shops around here are backed up for months at a time.. for any mechanics here, it's the 3800 series II in her car and it's leaking between the upper intake and lower intake... no he is not just going to "try gaskets" lol.. he's giving it the works (his words not mine)... well... I'm done, hope you enjoyed the word soup
  8. Minotaurtoo


    Hello there! I love how you are "new to this world of PCs" yet your rig looks 10x better than mine. Welcome to EHW!
  9. I was waiting to post as I wasn't sure if the bios was causing the issues or not, but since you seemed to have had issues, I'll say I too had some issues with it, they started yesterday. I lost half my USB ports I tried everything else, but finally decided to re-flash the bios and it worked... used the same one, but for some reason this time it worked... what scared me though, is one of the ports that died, was the bios flashback, but apparently it only affected them in windows. I may go back to the older bios I had. The 2404 beta bios has been the most stable I've tried so far, it just worked.
  10. give it time we have "protection blocks" on our tube laser's PC... unplug that and we can't even run it lol... I don't get it, who's going to steal the software to run a tube laser? Edit: loving the dark theme!
  11. Don't give them ideas! Next thing, we'll have to have a "block" plugged in to a usb port to unlock windows
  12. honestly, I don't think it's anything other than enabling the TPM and other security options by default. But ASUS specifies "windows 11 compatibility" in their release info... I can confirm that I didn't have to manually set anything in the bios this time to be w11 compatible whereas before I had to manually enable TPM and some other things I can;t remember to get it to pass the test.
  13. I don't have any information as to how many board have received the updates so far however I can confirm that the TUF GAMING B550-PLUS non-wifi boards just did as of August 4th. Clicky to see the latest bios for TUF GAMING B550-PLUS Before this update you would have to manually go into the bios and enable certain options for it to be compatible with Windows 11, from what I can tell they have just enabled them by default. update: It seems some of us are having issues with this new bios update... not sure if it is indeed the bios as of yet, but as a precaution I'm adding this to the post: -Myself, I lost half my USB ports suddenly in windows yesterday... no driver updates, disable/enable or other fixes worked, re flashed my bios to the same version and they came back. -Another user below reports start up issues that forced him to forcefully restart the PC before it would post properly
  14. wow... quick response, unlike some other forum I once fled.... Thanks for being on top of things
  15. so loving this dark theme! thanks to all who worked so hard to get the site back up. Great job on the recovery
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