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  1. Well alright, that would explain why it's not listed anywhere on the stats site. Totally missed that memo.
  2. Oh and by the way @BWG, is my multiplier for the 1070 Ti set for Windows or Linux? It's OC'd and stable, running 24/7 since, but I'm lagging way way behind on ETF points. I haven't done the math to see if that change would make the difference, but I thought I'd ask just in case.
  3. Nice, looks like a beautifully janky setup haha!
  4. Yeah alright I deserve every bit of flak I get for saying I'm gonna do something on this forum and then not doing it for two weeks or a month or whatever it may be lmao. But here's my submission! My OG EVGA cards: a used GTX 960 4GB FTW from PimpSkyline on OCN, purchased on Jul 15th, 2017, part number O4G-P4-3969-KR, and a used GTX 980 SC from Ebay, purchased on Oct 4th, 2017, part number O4G-P4-2983-KR. Bought them as 24/7 folding cards for the OCN Team Competition, and they've been a 24/7 folders ever since. Up until a couple weeks ago, other than a few rare days here and there, they've been running full blast ever since. Kind of crazy to think about. The 960 has recently been swapped out and is on standby; may be going to a friend as a gift for a first gaming PC, but the 980 folds on. The EVGA duo: a pair of GTX 1070 Ti FTWs, purchased on Nov 15th, 2018, new, on clearance. Part number 08G-P4-6678-KR. Love these things; they've always been paired up until very recently. They started out in my main PC, and I used them for gaming and folding for a couple years. They went into storage for some months after they were replaced by a 2080 Ti, and then a couple weeks ago, I swapped one into my 24/7 folding rig as my ETF card, and the other is waiting to go into another system. They would both be in that folding rig, but because of the AM3 motherboard's PCI slot layout, the 2.5 slot cards don't fit together. I should be able to remedy that with hardware I already have in the not-too-distant future. Years later came the current daily 2080 Tis, the first of which is an EVGA RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra Hybrid, purchased used from Ebay on September 18th, 2020, shortly before prices went haywire. Part number 11G-P4-2484-RX. This one lives in my racing sim PC, so I game on it anywhere from none to a few times a week, and it folds the rest of the time. Really sweet card, my first hybrid cooler as well. I love how it fits in this case. Need to do some dusting and pop in the sleeved cables I got for this PC though. Finally is an EVGA RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra, purchased used from TK421 on OCN on September 22nd, 2020, just four days after the first 2080 Ti. Part number 11G-P4-2487-KR. This is in my daily PC, so it gets a healthy dose of gaming, but folds otherwise. The horizontal triple slot look is sweet. Also really needs a dusting since it's in a mostly open case, and could use a cable comb or two as well. Lighting sucks for this pic, but it is what it is. Interestingly, if you average the purchase dates for the two 2080 Tis, you get one year ago, today. So I was actually just waiting to post until their averaged purchase anniversary. Promise.
  5. panic ensues
  6. Thanks for getting everything shuffled around @BWG!
  7. Hah, brilliant. I'm now picturing WWE-level over the top intros for all of our ETF cards.
  8. have i met the what and the who now
  9. Indeed, seconding what Avacado said. Best of luck out there. In other news, I'm planning on switching my folding rig to W10 and changing my 980/960 combo to my pair of 1070 Tis, with my ETH card to change accordingly. Already PM'd @BWG. EDIT: Also went ahead and updated the OP with @damric's upcoming hardware changes since we're already in that sort of limbo, it seems. Will update again once I have my stuff swapped around.
  10. I've had both printers running for the last couple weeks now, and I'm cranking out parts left and right. Mostly uninteresting QoL things for the printers themselves, but after a few iterations I printed some airfoil molds for the FSAE team. We're exploring using expanding foam in molds we make rather than machining much more expensive blocks of low density foam for airfoil cores. Here's the result of the very first run, obviously quite rough but pretty good for not having done anything like this before.
  11. I'm home for the weekend! Meaning I can finally get some of the extra info about my older cards (bought a couple of them used and I don't have exact part numbers saved digitally). Expect a post within the next couple days. Or never, knowing me. Place your bets!
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