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  1. I personally won't use it, but I can see how ignoring certain sections of the site would help clean up the look a lot for some users. Seems like a neat feature to add on to the site. Trader ratings in the classified section though, yeah I can get behind that one for sure! Site's coming along very nicely so far.
  2. Nahhh, I'll water cool when I have a nice rig. None of mine are nice enough.
  3. My lowly Ryzen 3600 rig with a Gen2 NVME drive was night and day difference from my old i7 3770k @ 4.4GHz, with the same GPU installed. Yes, it's going to be a HUGE upgrade lol. Going to a fast NVME from a 2.5" SSD is almost as good as going HDD to SSD. So that alone is going to be a huge upgrade because probably Gen5 NVME by that time. The CPU is going to help smooth things out so much too, oh man. You got nearly a decade's use out of that rig. To me, that's a pretty wise use of $4,500 10 years ago. I just always have to have something to monkey with, so I'm always buying old used junk lol. If I were on a regular "new" upgrade cycle, that's how I'd want to be too. One "all out" build every like 10 years.
  4. Not a bad looking build! Looks to me like a high end FX build? I've seen that board, just don't recall which one it is off the top of my head. Nothing at all wrong with it if it still does what you need it to. I'd still be on my 2600k daily had it not broken. That system looks beefy enough even for an older rig I wouldn't be surprised at all if it still played AAA titles fine. Enjoy it! By the way, if that's a 990FX board, it might be able to boot off NVME using some of those extra PCIe lanes, just as a possible upgrade path. If it is, check for BIOS updates. Pretty sure 2012 would've been 900 series / FX Bulldozer CPU's. EDIT: Derp, you had a sig rig. Yeah, check Asus for a BIOS update if you haven't already. The Crosshair V should support NVME, my Sabertooth does.
  5. Subbed. I'll just get my water cooling fix from your posts.
  6. Not interested, just yet another move to consolidate anything creative into one or two giant companies that run everything. Still haven't bought an EA title since 2007 or whenever it was BF3 / Origin came out, and still won't. MS.....you guys are no different, I'll stop buying your garbage too. I can live without video games if it means I'm going to rent everything and have subscription models that can get cancelled just because I said something wrong in an unrelated chat. I'll buy boxed copies of old games LONG before I pay a subscription to ALLOW me to play a game. MS Games Pass.......its a neat idea in theory, I see its uses, but nope....not for me. Give it to us as an OPTION, not a forced requirement. There's just too much regulation that the companies would have control over, and these are companies I just flat out do not trust anymore. Yes, I know, I know......Steam is the same thing. Even later boxed games were setup in their EULA's to basically say its not "yours". My point still stands. Bring back personal ownership of things I pay my hard earned money for! Stop consolidating all things creative under one or two companies. Idk, maybe I'm the odd man out here. *shrugs /rant
  7. Apartment living, I don't get to pick the faucets. And no, it probably shouldn't be in the water.......... we'll see if it lived. (The machine its going into keeps BSOD'ing on me though, so there might be more wrong here than I was hoping for. I noticed a few bulging caps, I'm really hoping I don't have to recap a motherboard just to finish a rig here.......)
  8. Once that dries, I've been up to no good preparing for my multicore benchoff . My new Capture Card arrived in the mail today, so I can have a few days to play with that while I wait for this to dry some. Any day now my button can arrive.......between now and February next year....... I've got most of the rigs built, tested, and installed with my game / bench suite list thing.
  9. Same here. I'm always down to play something at night after the kiddo's in bed. I don't ever play games outside of racing alone, story type stuff like campaigns in video games and movies even, I just don't get that much enjoyment out of by myself. And I'm pretty sure in my dang near 30 years being into computers now (I'm 35 lol), I've missed a few good single player games. I still haven't played Crysis lol. Oblivion, Skyrim....yeah nope. Trying them out co-op though, seems to help me out when I'm bored in the slower parts lol. Anytime I'm online on Steam, feel free to hit me up. Always appreciate a good game, regardless if its story or not. All else fails, almost everybody that I know has Killing Floor lol. That's always a good fall back game. ----------------- List updated, ty.
  10. List updated. Yeah, I had put GTA V on the list because you can do campaign missions in GTA Online, but its not really anything near the same as single player campaign co-op. That's more or less what the list was for, single player campaign but in co-op mode. Thanks for the suggestions so far guys. I'm still searching for others, and as I find mods that work I'll put them in here too.
  11. Trying to play with a friend online.
  12. Reserved just in case OP needs expanding, hoping for a very big list.
  13. I'll edit this and make it look a little better later...... Let's start a list of co-op PC games. Please let me know if its online, LAN, local, or dial up and any possible limitations or notes / mods that might be relevant. I'll organize it all into a list here, and maybe we can organize some co-op gaming between EXHW members sometime later on if there was enough interest. Looking to make more of an archival type list, but also consider this as game recommendations too. I, believe it or not, haven't played very many games all the way through. Co-op with a friend seems to help me get through painstakingly long drawn out campaign stories that don't hold my interest till the action really starts. Can be anything that's campaign style co-op with 2+ people. Any year so long as it can still be played. Below is what I've found (and played) so far all the way through at least recently enough to remember. Really looking forward to finding more mods that make classic single player campaigns co-op, but anything good co-op is appreciated. Online Campaign Co-op: Left For Dead 1 / 2 Portal 2 Half Life 1 and 2 (Sven Co-Op) Doom 1 and 2 (Doomseeker) Halo series (MasterChief Collection / playing right now for the 1st time ever) GTA V (maybe? / haven't really given a good chance) Quake (2021 Steam Quake update) Far Cry 6 (*that is unlocked only after playing 40mins of the game) Wildlands Trailmakers (Gamepass) Raft Overcooked 1 / 2 Factorio Satisfactory Stardew Valley WWZ : aftermath (online co-op for both story and horde/challenge mode. up to 4 players in a group) State Of Decay 2 (up to 4 people in one game online co-op open world) The Borderlands Series (4 player co-op?) Gears of War (most are 2+ player co-op) MudRunner / SnowRunner (up to 4 player) Sniper Elite Series (2 player co-op) Division 2 (4 player co-op) Don't Starve Together (local and online) Local Split Screen (and online) Co-op: Most LEGO games (not online) Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed (not QUITE campaign but fun) Emulation (RetroArch Playtest / input lag kills this one though) Broforce (local and online) Magicka (local and online) Sonic Mania (local or Steam Remote Play) Streets of Rage Remake (local only) Streets of Rage 4 (local and matchmaking / Steam remoteplay) Trine (local for the whole series) (Steam Remote Play) Trine 2-4 (local, Stream remote play, online) Overcooked 1 / 2 (pretty sure both can go online or local) Don't Starve Together (local and online) LAN Only Campaign Co-Op: (VPN setup should be usable) Dial up Campaign Co-Op: (setup private dial up network somehow / would need to research) WarCraft II (Or has this been updated to online? / have not played recently but wanted on list)
  14. I feel like I should make a thread about this lol. This could get to be a long list and might be useful all in one spot. Wouldn't be applicable since I'm not playing them all right now.
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