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  1. This is true, however still can't launch 64 bit executables though. I settled on a dual boot of 7 x64 and Kubuntu on it for now. Sorted out the issues I was having, was a rogue SATA cable wreaking havoc. Ordered new SATA cables, an SPDIF cable for the 8800's for audio over HDMI, and some jumpers so I can plug up the missing front panel audio since my case doesn't have AC-97, only HD Audio. So I am making some progress on it, just a little slower than inititally lol. Budget ran out, so now I'm back down to my normal just a few hundred monthly budget for fun lol. I could finish all of th
  2. Which MW? COD4? I'll hop on and play that one every once in a while when there's other players.
  3. I actually gave up for a few days now lol. I got the rig put into a case, and now it won't POST for some reason. Was working, and just gradually quit wanting to POST. Guessing its an old SATA cable or something, I hadn't planned on buying cables since I have a giant stash, but they're all the wrong kind lol. I was able to get Windows 10 32bit to work, but that only gave me ~2.5GB of usable RAM left. After I put it in the case, was going to go ahead and just retire the 939 to XP x64 and a Kubuntu dual boot to "modernize" it, but then it quit POST'ing lol. I've got my main rig, my kid'
  4. Got some work done today, I present to you fine folks, "Tole-Hoe" (supposed to be a mix up between Toledo and tally-ho). Decided to go against naming it "Burny", too many bad memories with that name (for obvious reasons). I have FULLEST of faith this 939 rig WILL NOT catch on fire. Specs: Athlon x2 4200+ Toledo @ 3.0GHz (300x10) Currently 4x1GB Corsair XMS DDR400 @ 200Mhz, 2-3-2-5-2T (have 4x2GB ECC) Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe Xigmatek S1283 with 2 Yate Loon High Speeds Yate Loon Low speeds all over case + 1 Medium across GPU's DIYPC Cheapy Case Deepcool RGB Strips (
  5. I already have 3 G92's though that are all very capable of PhysX. Those Ageia cards were tempting in the day though. Never tried that game or benchmark, never even heard of it before. I do see other people referencing it when searching Ageia PhysX stuff though. Update (minor win): I did get Windows 10 x86 to install to the 939 rig. It's functional, but of course.......32bit. So I only have 2GB of useable RAM if I put in the SLI setup, or 3GB with the 5870. But.....Windows 10 is now working on it kinda lol. It's looking more and more like THIS particular rig might just get XP loaded
  6. I know! I smile ear to ear looking at that picture everytime. No, definitely hardware. Monitor is definitely far too new. The 939 rig shouldn't really be capable of using it but here we are. It could be. I'll give 32bit 10 a try here in a bit. I've been reading similar when searching. I did try 8.1 x64 a few days ago and it did the same problem, just random freeze and reboot mid loading screen. 7 has been rock solid but obviously old. Just problems I should've expected but didn't stepping into this project. I figured I'd start having issues running Windows 10 when I jumped
  7. In pioneerisloud This just means I have to get more of my junk up and running in 2 weeks. I can do this!
  8. Fixed editing above sorry for double post While I'm here though, I really should tease you guys with a giant collage picture of vintage goodness. My desk is messy though!!!! A couple of the cards really need cleaned too. Ahhhhhh...... I'll update this post if I decide to haul it all out here to my desk this evening for a photo shoot. If I do, please excuse the mess. Obviously have lots of projects going on here (my Jeep too lol). Okay, talked myself into it. Let's do a little triva. THREE individual items in this picture are original single owner (me) items. Well, not counting
  9. Oh see, I always thought the trick was to beat your ISP's download speeds and Windows' automatic update by just having an insanely fast SSD and the drivers ready to install on reboot on the desktop. Silly me. I'll try your way next time. EDIT: Seriously, I never thought about just disabling my NIC first before doing a DDU run. That's actually started helping me the last few days.
  10. I am actually on the lookout for an 890FX and Thuban, yes. And a 990FX and FX chip. Planning on pairing with a 7970 and R9 290x respectively. Little Update: I was able to figure out a way to get the 939 rig to POST, bootup, and work with the HD5870 last night! Apparently the 5870 doesn't like the PCIe 2.0 slot on my 939 board. Works fine in the 1.1 slot at the bottom though. Still dinking with that rig, got 8GB of RAM in for it today too (which 939'ers would know 8GB wasn't ever a thing). Still having issues getting Windows 10 to even boot on it though. So that's a huge bummer.
  11. A little teaser on the next set of hardware. I got bored installing games trying to make them "modern" so I'd have a wide variety to bench. So figured I'd play with some of the new hardware that arrived. Note: I do have an Opteron 165 too I picked up. But its a poor clocking CCBWE chip that struggled to pull 2.70GHz at 1.58v, and absolutely refused to run even DDR400 with 4 sticks of RAM regardless of timings set. So settled on this 4200+ Toledo. I also have a decent start to my GPU collection just sitting. They've all tested out as functional, however a few do need some
  12. I haven't fully started trying to search yet for fixes but thank you, I'll check it out. Very well could be since its a first gen Phenom. I got a 6970, 5870, 3870, and HD2900XT all in over the last few days. Some 939 gear arrived. Been busy testing stuff, making sure its all functioning. I've got a 3GHz Toledo again though, and the same (but better clocking) board I had in 2005. This is gonna be good. Still waiting for all the parts to finish arriving, but I should have enough stuff on hand to test Windows 10 and "modern" type stuff on a 939 rig and the Phenom both. I also h
  13. Well Cyberpunk didn't want to even load, probably nowhere near enough VRAM. Also I lack system RAM too, apparently that game requires 12GB RAM and I only have 8. The couple racing games I've tried work fine (GRiD 2, DiRT 4, Project Cars 1 / 2). Mafia - Definitive Edition was a no go. So seems like absolutely cutting edge / modern games will not run on it. But most everything else does. Does it max out the games at 5120x1440 at 120Hz? No. Does it play the games at acceptable enough settings to have a good time? Oh absolutely! I was rocking out Killing Floor 2 last night on it lol.
  14. Well, while waiting for my other junk to show up, some old junk arrived today. The HD5870 I ordered. I just finished dinking with it and getting it figured out with my new monitor. Phenom + HD5870 isn't bad. Plays GTA V at 3840x1080, Killing Floor 2 as well (both DX11 titles). For shiggles, gonna try out Cyberpunk 2077 on it, after the hour and a half it'll probably take to install it. It's odd since I have to use Eyefinity, but it does work. The 4890 I was stuck using split screen on a single monitor.
  15. Sapphire ATI Radeon HD2900XT 1GB. Scored this one for $37 I think it was in a bid war. No thank you to the people above (although an Athlon XP rig is something on my list) on the GPU's. I'm now only missing the X1950, HD7970, and R9 290x for PCIe GPU's, with the exception missing a 5700XT (I think we all are wanting a high end card lol). This is getting to be fun hunting down all this tech history.
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