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  1. So uhhh, let me show you guys how to NOT ship a $200+ GPU...... -_- Needless to say, it was promptly sent right back (well....its going back tomorrow). I'm being nice and at least including a box. Sooooo unamused, that's the dang SECOND 290x now that's come broken due to seller mishandling. HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THESE THINGS AND SELL ON EBAY? Ugh. /rant Enjoy the gore on my behalf. -_- Now I get to wait another few weeks for a refund....again, to buy yet ANOTHER 290x. Let's see if third time's the charm this time. And yes, its more damaged than just the bracket, there's stuff rattling around under the cooler. It was quite literally, put into a bag, and mailed. Probably would've been safer to mail it naked with a sticker attached to the cooler.
  2. I saw elsewhere (phone surfing so no links sorry) that hp and acer were in on it too. And apparently the ban might also apply to 3d printers. Kind of an odd thing to ban considering the times. Idk, weird stuff all over those 5 states anyway.
  3. The system they're refusing to sell is mostly the west coast states, and its a Ryzen 5800 with a Geforce RTX 3060. How is THAT a "power hungry" machine? The thing can run on a 350w PSU (a really good one), its more efficient than PC's were 20 years ago. I really think its a political statement moreso than anything, I'll leave it at that. I don't know about you guys, but I've noticed that PC's have gotten less and less power hungry, which is exactly the opposite of what they appear to be claiming in the article. Unless....they're claiming more people are buying PC's, which that's just not true at all....more people use smart phones over a PC these days. I dunno, maybe I'm missing something. I know 3 of the 5 states involved (for sure) are making it law very soon to outlaw gasoline vehicles and only electric vehicles will be sold starting in 2022. Electric vehicles (while neat) aren't exactly easy on the power grid......I wonder if this is related.
  4. Been working on making one rig per generation, best I can afford to anyway. Here's the completed pictures of the rigs I have so far. Enjoy.
  5. You guys are making me want to water cool again....... Good stuff, good stuff. Can't wait for more updates!
  6. That's why I like forums like this man, learn something new everyday. Never thought to run dual pumps in serial. I had only ever learned of simple loops, and that's all I ran before. Pretty sure I was following good practices still, my last loop did last like 2 years without draining, and sold the whole rig functional. But yeah. I just assumed that air was simpler to maintain on something that's on 24/7 365. I wasn't thinking leaks or anything silly like that. Was thinking punishment as in its more parts that could potentially fail and lead to downtime of a "server", that's all. I guess dual pumps in serial kind of negates that point, since you'd have a backup pump already running so at least things still move. And the biocide + inhibiter I'm assuming would stop things growing better than a killcoil would. Neat stuff!
  7. Here I am, just now getting a rack system this last year. And here you are, going away from a rack into a Threadripper all in one setup. Not sure if you like punishment or what, going with water cooling on a server, but it looks absolutely amazing so far. Them cable management pictures......man oh man.
  8. I did think of using nuts and bolts originally, but I just can't imagine a way that would hold them in place without drilling through the actual front of the plastic though. Not sure. Plastic work is all brand new to me, so got research ahead of me first. I might just try to bust out some good ol' Bondo, like we used to see people use in the old days. I dunno, I'm afraid to break it further.
  9. That's exactly what I was thinking about doing. Some sort of plastic "weld" on the inside of the crack and a clamp to hold it in place while it dries. The bottom panel, the clips are all busted. Was thinking of using similar plastic "weld" to build up little nubs, and put neo magnets on the nubs to act as the missing clips. I'm aware its not going to be perfect. Honestly, if I thought I could do a halfway decent paintjob, I'd go ahead and paint it beige to match. But yeah, with the discoloration from being so old, I really doubt it'd look right. It'd be the whole case or nothing. I'm fine just repairing the crack and the missing clips and calling it a day at that really. Just need to figure out appropriate goop to use on it. I have my doubts on JB Weld.
  10. Okay, so I'm going to need some expert opinions here. I was trying so very hard to NOT have to do plastic work, but on this case I'm just going to have to. Take a peak at what arrived today, but sadly is broken. Not sending it back, gonna try to fix it. Any ideas on how to fix this, please....in detail explain! Also, not exactly advertising.....but if anybody is confident enough in their abilities to actually fix this front panel for me, I'd happily pay somebody. Any links or recommendations on that would also be appreciated. This case NEEDS to be restored back to its original glory! I mean c'mon, I have the OG box even!!! And just for giggles, this GPU just arrived today. This is the GPU I intend to put into this beast of a tower. ATI Radeon 9800XT 256MB. Planning on it pairing with an Athlon T-Bird 1.1GHz or so, 512MB RAM, and Win98SE. Of course I'll also ATTEMPT to modernize it at first, maybe with a Linux flavor or something? But that's the eventual plan for this setup. The front panels of the case aren't a big deal as I'll be using 2x 3.5" externals and 2x5.25" externals as well. So the messed up bay covers aren't a big deal. Just the giant crack in the top, and the completely busted off plastic clips that hold the entire bottom assembly on. If I can fix that somehow with magnets or something, then great! I just need to figure out how to "build up" plastic, high enough and strong enough that it'll hold.
  11. I was avoiding this "club" because I'm OPNsense, but since you stated we're welcome here too...... Specs of my firewall: CPU: i5 4490 mobo: Some B85 mATX board, Asus I think RAM: G.Skill 8GB ripjaws DDR3 1600 OS drive: 2x WD Green 120GB SSD's RAID1 PSU: Seasonic 350w NIC: Quad Intel Giga-nic, X350 I think was the model? Case: 1u Rack (currently in an old Dell beige box though) Extra: Adaptec 5808z RAID card (because no onboard RAID) I use it because I have a "server" setup already for file serving, various VM boxes, game serving, lots of things. Got a VPN going on one of the LAN's, and have my whole house basically going through wifi through the VPN now. Having some issues with ports (made a thread on that). Once I figure out how to get things to go through that I want to go through, I'll be very happy with the setup. Observations? Yeah, its a royal PITA to setup. I've always used consumer grade routers before and was happy with my Netgear R7000 that I've had for years and years. I decided to try PFsense (and then OPNsense) because I wanted more control over the VPN and the networks. Only reason I'm not using PFsense is because I could NOT get the VPN to work at all on PFsense, but it works fine on OPNsense. Just wish I'd have thought that through a little better, because now nothing works right lol. Eventually, and I'm sure this is possible, but waaaay out of my skillset levels, I'd like to setup a second VPN to have LAN access to my buddy's house across the state. That + VPN internet + security was my reasonings for making the switch.
  12. I guess I should've came here to ask questions first. But too late for that now!!!! Anybody in here good with OPNsense, or good with networking in general and willing to create a dummy box to help me out with? I've got OPNsense running properly ish, my VPN is working, my seperated LAN2 is working. The problem.....I can't seem to get ports to forward correctly, aka....I can't play games. I've been following guides, but this thing is just so much more advanced than my old R7000 was its redonk! The ideal goal would be everything through the VPN even gaming. However that's why I created the second LAN, so its naked. If needed be, I'm happy getting my games functionality back on the naked LAN. But yeah, ports aren't forwarding correctly and I'm lost lol. TY in advance to you guys!
  13. Woohoo!!!! I'd like to chime in and say audio needs to be addressed in there too. Lots of us enthusiasts have more audio gear connected than just a set of Logitech whatever is this year's model speakers. Would be nice to have my SMSL DAC/amp, speakers, headphones, maybe even the mic have different spots available. Doesn't have to show in the sig, maybe just show the speakers and / or headphones in the sig? But something expandable as mentioned by previous posters? Idk, just another idea. Love what you're doing here so far!
  14. It's a 4x2, so not a lot off road. But I do take it off pavement for sure every chance I get. Climbed a small hill actually on the 4th to watch fireworks. Discount tire even said, "wow, that's the biggest tire we've ever put on one of those".... I just figured it's a patriot, so it needed to look the part. Did the same with my Honda, made it look more like a Honda. Ive got lots to do still. Ladder, rock sliders, bumpers, cb antenna, tools..... It's getting there though. Hard to find time at the metal shop.
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