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  1. Guess what is fixed Will let it run for a bit before closing it shut again
  2. I'll try getto fix first. Will increase o ring, will slap an extra one. Because I think probe is just not sitting low enough for its oring to make contact. After I'll do extra getto fix. I'll bloody apoxy shut that connection. Haha
  3. The good and the bad news. Well the good news is all is done connected and hooked up... and evenly power button working. The bad, well he he, those offset fittings in the bottom both leaking where they connect to thermal probes. And it only looks like leakage happening when on. Will try to see if they loosen up or o ring not making connection Ow well almost there just few more days
  4. So weird. Oh I love aquacomputer. I use to have the display hub model. Ow will see how this will survive. Like I don't care if it burns or not. As long as everything else survives. Haha. I guess it will be in next build
  5. Owww, it is a left over from last build. I had too many corsair items so, was a logical purchase. How did you manage to fry them?
  6. It is a monitor. So in nutshell I can technically have all in one computer now. Haha. Just will use for aida64 or something similar Barrowch external expansion display screen FBEHD-01_BARROW 水冷智造专家 WWW.BARROWINT.COM
  7. So this is how tight I love my builds.... there is literally no space left So funny thing happened, I ran out of tube. I actually might need to use one metal run. Will see after I cut for cpu if end piece will be long enough So 2 hours later... I was able to shut the side radiator meaning everything is hooked up. I set up loop that I can run in bottom rad only if need be due to way I hooked up quick disconnects. My fingers do hurt and they started going black from all paint transfer. Last leg of the journey. Just need to connect commander pro and find home for it Aaaaaaand pray I wired everything correctly and it will work I do have flow meter coming but I am not sure if it will fit instead of metal pipe, otherwise, I might get it up and running by weekend Also no more ugly looking cables behind motherboard
  8. Actually, friction. I did cut hole that is smaller than radiator but big enough for main body(where you mount fans) to go past. And it rests on the feet of the case, small little let overs from case and pressed down by gpu, so it sits solid there. I only needed to sag it by like 2 mm or so since I also found a fitting that is about 1mm shorter than stock watercool blocks, I think it is ekwb.
  9. They are great for the price and what logitech or razer has to offer. also I got one of the upgrades for my build, AIO for pc???
  10. More tight fitting is being currently made before I cut last tube. I am hiding all cables and essentially cramming every last mm of space I have. I was able to implement 92mm fan on the bottom back it will be partly chocked but it will drag hot air from bottom rad and pulling a bit of air from front of the case. I am trying to hide ca les from pump, left over heat shink worked great, but all out oit and have stupid yellow cable I also got ears for case for wifi and Bluetooth I need advise what orientation I should put commander, horizontally or vertically
  11. True. I actually run, Sabrent Q Rocket, WD SN750 and Samsung and 860 Evo I dont have complaint about any of them I didn't find any use for pcie 4 nvme ssd as of yet so pcie 3 and sata for me
  12. Look, I adopted today 4 well behaved cables. They already come bend trained and neutered to proper length. What a good boys they are
  13. There was a nice surprise waiting for at mail room and I have tomorrow and day after tomorrow as off
  14. So question is, which one is better, Sabrent Rocket Q 8tb or TG 8TB
  15. why people keep giving me ideas how to spend money on something I clearly don't need but I would rather have. haha Seeing this, making me wanna jump start my next project of centralizing my entire home it into one rack and wiring access via cat cable eh, one can only dream about such a wonderful set up
  16. DId it burn through PCB? It looks like just cap gave its life, should be able to solder a new one Thus said, it looks like it is directly off power delivery lane So I would check that power cable of psu and taste psu as well for just in case Smell and lick taste are the best I swear, I thought it was an actual product of forum, I would totally buy as sticky notepad for my home
  17. mmmmmm, tasty e-waste I am sure those metals and other materials will be recycled with utmost care Go Go Go Zero Carbon emission
  18. Audible has a huge sale for all sci-fi, many great series and books are 5-7 bucks. It is cheaper than buying with credits
  19. Sky is a limit man in your case, galaxy is a limit
  20. @Bastiaan_NL You should check Thank you, I'm looking really forward finishing that up already, kinda want to take it for a drive test. Using couple of new things and want to see how it runs and performs. And honestly getting tired of mess on my desk
  21. I so should of went for a5, but it was just a hold car, as last one golf, got ran off the road by garbage truck. City hall doesn't know how to drive. @BWG Now need to get electric or hydrogen which is preferred. Ow well, 12 cards is crazy man. All that power, you can launch a lunar probe
  22. @BWG Jeez man, how many more cards are you putting in?
  23. @Bastiaan_NL try smart car, it has so much space inside, and fun to drive. Honestly, Shaq drives one myself, driving audi a4 and had vw golf 3 door before. Tons of space for driver.
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