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  1. Should have Michele's and my ETF folding rigs back up and running by end of day tomorrow. I had to rob Peter to pay Paul to build my buddy a workstation so parts got shuffled around like crazy over the last few days, but things are almost finished getting put back together. The really good news is that I am selling my buddy a whole bunch of hardware at a a good profit and he is more than happy about that. @Supercrumpet @firedfly
  2. That is part of what I am about to do. I need to swap a few motherboards and processors first though. Some things just don't play nice together. I'll probably do the flashing tonight or tomorrow. I need to have one test rig open to feed LARS some stock W2100 numbers, assuming it folds at all. Then I also need to see if I can unlock overclocking with some BIOS tweaking via some stuff I read on Igor's labs. Someone there did it. On top of that, I am building a workstation for one of my buddies to do his 3D animation and AutoCAD stuff. And once my dual D5 comes back from PPCs I need to rebuild my main rig loop.
  3. I need to stop folding for a day or so until I re-configure some hardware with my test benches. Hopefully I won't be down too long.
  4. Maybe Saturday morning. I sent you 2 files on discord.
  5. That's a monster. You inspired me to order a cheap firepro. Supposed to be firmware locked to overclocking but I'm going to try anyway. I'm thinking 80-100% OC will be possible if I can crack it. Also your BIOS mods might help Michele's GTX 750 which has a similar issue where it doesn't like to use it's full TDP and just sips along at 30W instead of using the full 75 or whatever. I really have no idea how to use those tools. The last Nvidia firmware mod I did was over a decade ago to morph an 8800GT into a Quadro FX 1700.
  6. Well apparently I had the wrong passkey in my rig for almost a week... I've been swapping hardware around a lot between 4 rigs though. I had my main go down last week and just got it operational again at the expense of cannibalizing other rigs. I still have a lot of work to do but hopefully I am pulling ETF points now.
  7. damric


    Part 4. AIDA64 Extreme Yeah it failed AIDA, but to be fair it was hot in my computer room today, over 80F. But on the other hand it's been hotter than that and my air coolers passed that test at the same settings. The fans and pump were set to performance mode. I'll test again tomorrow at full speed and we'll see if it can pass AIDA64 for 10 minutes. I know 10 minutes is brutal for an aluminum rad AIO but we need to know for science. Edit, update: Ok so the next morning I turned on my supplemental air conditioning to get the room cooled down a bit. I also went into the BIOS and cranked all the fan headers up to 100%. AIDA passed. I let it go for 15 minutes. Temperature spiked to 73C but settled at 67C. I think it would be even cooler if I had used the thermal grease instead of this graphite pad. There is a PRO version that is an updated model with improved water block and a more dense radiator, and that one probably cools a bit better. That version was reviewed here at EXTREMEHW. Summary: The good: - Some nice looking high performance fans included - Very easy mounting mechanism The bad: - Cooling price/performance compared to much cheaper air coolers The ugly: - That rat's nest of cables for you to deal with
  8. damric


    Part 3. Linpack Xtreme
  9. damric


    Part 2. CPU pump-block mounting
  10. damric


    Part 1. Unboxing. When I opened the parts box, oh my, what a ton of accessories for every modern socket config and a ton of wires and controllers. I'll document these in the next video. Instead of printing up an instruction video, they give you a small card with a QR code that says manual. About to see how that goes
  11. I got it today Eventually this is going into the kids' rig. But the other day my main rig went down due to pump failure so I am so happy this arrived today so I can get back up and running until I can get a replacement dual D5.
  12. The part Linux had to do with it is the fact that there were no Linux submissions in months, thus the weight of your single submission pulled the performance line way up. You got to remember that 99% of those chips were in some junk HP Pavilions with single channel RAM and the 35w config for 1000MHz GPU clock. It's why the performance line was pretty consistently low for Windows. When properly configured those 500 vega cores do pretty well as long as it's dual channel RAM pushed as far as the IMC will let it so that the bandwidth and infinity fabric isn't choking it. Of course they don't sell pre-built machines with 3200G and Ubuntu or whatever so yeah that Linux submission really screwed me since the Windows PPD is only like 20K on LARS. It's fair game what you did unless the rules are changed. It's still not as bad as what I accidentally did to myself back in July when I accidentally turned on the dark mode for almost a week at full overclock on my HD 7850.
  13. K5000 is interesting to me. It's similar to what a GTX 660 or something? It's really close spec-wise to my HD7850 as far as FLOPS but it has more compute cores so I'm guessing the stock clock speed is low which makes it a really good overclocker? I just want to see a better baseline that, well...looks like a line and not a dot. Then I'd like to do battle with that with my HD7850. At one point I was considering getting the MXRT version of Pitcairn for ETF since they are pretty cheap on ebay, similar gimped clocks for reliability in medical work.
  14. Well personally, I'm going to finally learn Linux just so my oem prebuilt can feed this 3200G at stock to LARS, which indeed is @35W configuration with a single stick of DDR4 @1866 so I can counter-espionage what the other team did to my multiplier. Yeah that whole ALL OS crap is so easily abused. In the meantime I might switch to something else for ETF. I'll let you know.
  15. My phone camera wasn't too terrible at recording Michele's gameplay then uploading to youtube. I mean I was definitely the weakest link, as the cameraman. Here is an example of one I took about 6 months ago when she was running a Vega 56 and just got her Ryzen 5800x I have a better newer video of her actually playing and with her new RTX 3080 somewhere. I need to find it.
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