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Found 17 results

  1. Apple sues chip startup for alleged theft of trade secrets | Engadget WWW.ENGADGET.COM In a complaint filed Friday, the tech giant claims Rivos, a “stealth-mode” startup based out of Mountain View, California, led a recent... So many lawsuit in 2022 kinda unfair for the startup when there trying to bury you.
  2. US Dept. of Energy wants to... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/us-department-of-energy-wants-to-dramatically-reduce-the-cost-of-carbon-capture-technology/ar-AAQn6Rd?ocid=mmx&PC=EMMX01&PC=EMMX01 I've always been really interested in this stuff because I've always felt that the only real solution to is technology that fixes it and here we are. Looks like the US gov is finally going to start taking carbon capture facilities seriously.
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/wikipedia-banned-seven-users-after-reported-infiltration-by-a-chinese-group/ar-AAOxRFl?ocid=mmx&PC=EMMX01 China being China
  4. Germany wants phone makers to offer 7 years of security updates WWW.MSN.COM Your current phone might get security patches for several years to come, at least if Germany has its way. C'treports the German federal government is pushing the European Union to require seven years of... I like this.
  5. South Korea to end its controversial gaming curfew WWW.MSN.COM Gamers under 16 in South Korea have a reason to celebrate today: The country plans to end its shutdown law (AKA the Cinderella Law), which prevented underage players from gaming between midnight and 6AM... I didn't know this was a thing. I guess it's not totally unreasonable for kids under 16 but still, seems like a very strange thing to try to enforce on a governmental level.
  6. Valve's Steam Deck handheld PC starts at $399 and lands in December WWW.MSN.COM The rumors about Valve making a version of the Nintendo Switch for handheld Steam gaming are true. The company has revealed the Steam Deck, which will arrive in December in the US, Canada, the European... 1280x800 screen res Ryzen + RDNA2 SOC 16GB ram SteamOS Definitely more powerful than the switch but I still doubt this thing will see a much traction. If I wanted to play a PC game on mobile, it wouldn't be a game that needed fast responses so streaming it just seems like it would make more sense, and for those who actually want something portable, I think the switch has that thoroughly covered. The switch also works well because it can be marketed to kids who don't have smartphones so they don't have any other mobile gaming options, but adults who would want to play PC games probably don't spend a lot of time in places where they would be able to game on a portable device and for those times they do, a smartphone is enough for those rare instance. It's also kinda weird how it has thumb-sticks and touchpads even though Valve dropped the steam controller. Looks like they had a hard time deciding on a final design. Perhaps just another example of Valve trying to do something no one really wanted.
  7. Source: https://www.engadget.com/alienware-m15-dell-g15-amd-ryzen-cpu-130014937.html I am happy to see AMD slide back into the laptop market! Love the option for Cherry MX switches.
  8. Source Honestly, Nothing is secure. I don't concern myself with freaking out about every way a hacker can steal my data. Since I don't keep anything important on my computers, it's moot. Unless it's a key logger, I don't mind. Hack away.
  9. Source 2nd Source It's only been 6 years MSFT. 6 WHOLE YEARS. To get it now, you have to be a part of the Insiders Program.
  10. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/ge-is-working-to-put-covid-19-virus-detecting-sensors-in-phones/ar-BB1ftczS?ocid=mmx&PC=EMMX20 Wonder if this could actually work reliably. Would be amazing if so.
  11. https://www.engadget.com/lg-mobile-worldwide-shutdown-020959355.html
  12. https://www.engadget.com/dna-collection-from-air-204308832.html
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