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New Intel chips won't play Blu-ray disks due to SGX deprecation

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Intel has removed support for SGX (software guard extension) in 12th Generation Intel Core 11000 and 12000 processors, rendering modern PCs unable to playback Blu-ray disks in 4K resolution.


This technical problem arises from the fact that Blu-ray disks require Digital Rights Management (DRM), which needs the presence of SGX to work.



Seems a step backwards.

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4 hours ago, ozlay said:

Wait... Are you telling me. People still buy blu-ray movies. 🙂

Ha, I certainly don't. I haven't used Disc media in like forever.

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26 minutes ago, Diffident said:

I still do. The quality is much better than streaming.  I still buy music CD's too. 


Everything gets ripped lossless to my NAS.


Agreed. I've got hundreds of BDs/DVDs/CDs/records. If I'm likely to watch/listen to something more than once, I'll get the physical release.


Not only is the quality better, but you're not at the mercy of a streaming service's license volatility. Many times I've gone to watch something on a stream only to find that it's been removed from my watch list and no longer available.

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I too have one for ripping purposes for my NAS.  I use lossy codecs though sadly, 64TB doesn't go as far as you'd think it does.

Definitely a step backwards for Intel on this one.  I know the future is subscription based models for everything, looking at you Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, EA, etc.  I'll go ahead and skip that future though. 😛 

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On 19/01/2022 at 03:51, UltraMega said:

I love 4k content but I've never even seen a 4k movie on physical format. Has anyone here ever actually watched a 4k blu-ray? 

I have and the audio I find to be crisper...as it is non-compressed. However visually, making the assumption you are sitting a normal distance from your TV, I would not say it was better than 1080P in real world usage. Technically it is, and if you put your face right up to the TV, for sure 4K wins. In real world usage, 4K viewing doesn't bother me. Gaming... different story.


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Not good optics nonetheless. Less choice is never good.  Though for me I gave away the bulk of the bluray/vcd movies. Also find don’t rewatch movies now.  Nothing really worth keeping with digital distribution. 

My media tastes are changing too, not into hollywood/western media as much. Much more difficult to find something you really want to see both plot wise and artists wise. 

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It begs me to ask:


Will we see a new 'format' of physical x that will replace a streamable counterpart? 

For instance MP3 came about as a highly compressible format in part due to size constraints of then-current media available IIRC. 


So then, as 8K (and beyond) becomes normal, will we soon see a 'thumbdrive' (for lack of a better form/format) that will offer what a streamed/internet connected option can't?



Edited by GanjaSMK
word usage... im dumb.
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I have my doubts that any new physical media format would be released.  Standards are going in the toilet now a days since people seems to prefer convenience over quality.....and privacy.    I'm guessing in the not to distant future there won't be any physical media sold.  It will all be subscription/digital distribution.  We''ll be told it will be better since we won't have to worry about damaging discs or losing them.  We'll always have access to them......as long as we pay our subscription.

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