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need advises about laptops screens

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Atm i have HP probook 455 g7 and i have problems to use it. View looks somehow too dark/sharp. I tryed to change brightness settings it didnt help much. I have dry eyes. It was much better when i was using my old good Aspire ES 1. I guess main problem is resolution. So i am thinking to try to buy budget laptop (400 eur/dollars) with 1368 x 768. There are quite a few options so i need advise what to pick. Laptop perfomance in general apart screen isnt important bc i need it only for work with office.


Also are all full hd laptops screens are more or less similar? i mean if i would try to use lets say lenovo 1920 x 1080 would it have same screen?


I also have same problem with PC monitor. I have curved samsung for around 100 eur/dollars and i hardly can use it (again view feels so sharp) i went back to my old samsung syncmaster 2043nw. Its better. But that monitor is very very old. I am thinking to try one more full hd monitor. Thinking about BENQ. Price would be up to 200 eur/dollars. What best option would be? would it be BENQ or maybe something else?



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What do you mean the view looks too dark / sharp?

To address sharpness, one thing you could do is lower your resolution.  If you have a 1920x1080 monitor, you can try something like 1366x768 or 1280x720.


To address darkness, besides the brightness control, there's also contrast.  I might suggest playing around in your graphics driver settings for color correction and / or contrast / brightness.  That'd work on the laptop.  On your desktop monitor, you CAN also mess with the settings on the screen itself, or in the driver settings.

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Another question to help us recommend something, are you looking for a laptop or something more lightweight like a netbook ? Sounds like what you are using it for is fairly basic. You may be able to avoid a bulkier laptop.

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Thanks for your answers.


Its hard to describe that darkness/sharpness. I guess problem is that my eyes are really dry so more detailed/sharper view makes bigger discomport. My old Acer aspire e13 screen looked somehow blur/not that detailed/ not that sharp. Dont know now to describe it right. I founded another aspire e13 but it has comfyview and even on same brightness settings it doesnt work. Cant say did my old e13 have comfyview or not but it was really older so i guess its not.


In general i would love to buy laptop with as similar screen as my old e13 had if it is still posible.


i tryed to play with graphic card settings it didnt help. Anyway i want to try 1366 x 768 maybe another panel type gonna help. As i understand 1366x768 laptops are not IPS (unlike my hp455). 


I am looking for laptop, 15'6 would be ideal since i need to type numbers in my texts a lot but 14' or 13.3' can work too. As i checked in my country up to 400eur there are several options: Dell 3480, Asus vivobook, Lenovo ideapad3, Lenovo V14, Dell 6540, Lenovo L470, Lenovo 1-14igllo50x. What would be best option? What would be closest to my old e13? As i said i dont care about computer overall perfomance only about screen.


Also i can think about investing more if there is better option for higher price.




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Sounds like you just need a laptop with a higher resolution screen.


IDK if you have newegg in your country but if you do, you can choose from anything here: Newegg 1080p laptops


Something like this seems like it would work for you: 


Buy Refurbished: Latitude 7280 Touchscreen 12.5" HD | Intel Core i5-7300U | 8GB DDR4 | 256GB Solid State Drive| Webcam | WiFi | Bluetooth | Windows 10 Professional with fast shipping and top-rated...


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hmm it has same (1920x1080) resolution as my current laptop. I guess he is IPS too. I mean can i expect that DELL 1920x1080 screen will be different then HP 1920x1080 screen? In general are all 1920x1080 IPS screens are similar/same no matter are they Dell, Lenovo or Asus for example?


i know it sounds like a wierd problem and most people can work with any laptop (any screen) but sadly i cant. Since my old (Aspire e13 1366x768) laptop felt better and since i cant buy new Aspire e13 i want to try something else with that resolution and different (not IPS) panel. Most likely it wont help but i want give a try.


And i dont know what to choose. I named options available in my country in my second post.

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There are several different manufacturers of laptop LCD panels for the same resolution and panel technology. 1920x1080 IPS screens are ubiquitous, so no, they are not all the same. LG, AU Optronics, and BOE are some common panel manufacturers that come to mind and even for a given model number, there are sometimes submodels that have different connectors and screen finishes.


You won't be able to know what screen looks good for you without trying out the laptop yourself.


If you want to know what panel you have in your Aspire E13, then this app might help with that, but you're not likely to find an identical panel in a newer laptop. Your best bet is to see if NotebookCheck has done a review of the same submodel of a laptop you're wanting to buy since their reviews are usually good about disclosing that info.



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Seems there are 2 best options: IdeaPad 3 15IML05 and ASUS VivoBook X515MA-BR062. What would be yours opinion? As i understand screens are quite similar. Both are LED TN if i understand correct? Brightness nits are diffrerent dont know which has better. What else should i check talking about screen perfomance?

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