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How to fix a cluster f* permissions issue on root of d:\?

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I was having issues where the owner of subcontainers was administrator and not system like the root directory was, being system as the owner.  Now I messed it up trying to fix it & cannot access the drive at all now.


How do I fix this?



I want everything that hits the D:\ drive to have the owner as SYSTEM & give Everyone Full Access simply put.



I fixed it sort of by changing the owner to my account name which is also the only user allowed full control of the whole drive.  I just don't want that.  I want the owner to be SYSTEM so it works on any system & also the only user to be Everyone.  Why can't I change the owner to SYSTEM & only user to Everyone?  It says Access is denied.


*Update 2*
Tried changing the owner to SYSTEM & changing user to Everyone & that simply does not work unless I did something wrong?


*Update 3*

Finally got it dialed in so I can at least access my files again.  I have the permissions setup as follows.  Although it's still not how I want it with SYSTEM as the owner & the only user is Everyone.  I don't know why it breaks everything if I set it up that way?  By the way corrupting the permissions first then using your username as the owner replaces all child object permission entries with inheritable permissions from D:\ object permissions.  Then apply that then ok and ok close the window then re-open the security properties then add Everyone to the users while clicking "Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object".





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The process of taking ownership so that you can edit xbox files is specific and annoying. It's best to find a youtube guide IMO. 


Hopefully this video will help: 


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You had mentioned trying to access the drive over your network, and that you had changed security settings to achieve the right permissions.  However, I didn't see you mention if you altered the sharing permissions as well?  They are 2 separate sets of permissions.  Considering how deep into the security permissions you went, I'd assume you did....but never hurts to double check the basics. 🙂 


Otherwise, you've got me stumped.  Looks like Windows 11, and I haven't personally played with that.  Should be similar to 10, in the sense that you just make sure the security permissions are set correctly.  You can also use the "administrators" and "users" groups if you'd rather apply permissions by account type (specific users is also fine).  And from there, ensure the share permissions are also set how you want, and it "should" just work.  It doesn't always, but I do think you're on the right track anyway.

The only time I've ever absolutely needed to change ownership was with very specific issues like MS OneDrive having ownership and not allowing me to do things with my own folders, or doing a wipe / reformat on the machine but not my second drive.....and the drive still has permissions from an old install or something.

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